Friday, February 20, 2009

Songs that Rock

I promised a "songs that rock" post. I was hoping to get this out earlier in the got in the way! However, I am happy to report that my workouts for the week are all checked off (minus today, but I decided today is a rest day)!

Tuesday: 3.1 miles at 3% incline on the 'mill 31:51
Wednesday: 2500 yards in the pool
Thursday: 6 miles, 4 at tempo pace (these were at negative splits!) 1:04:23
Today: Rest
Saturday: swim?yoga?weights? (combo of these or all three)
Sunday: 11 miles with the PDX Sunday Runners

Onto tunes...
I've been thinking a lot about music and what motivates me, especially as I *try* to incorporate some speedwork into my marathon training program. For me, a song that rocks is one that either hits me emotionally with the lyrics (I'm sure Mr. Pi would disagree with me since he thinks I don't listen to lyrics…true only for hippity hop (yes, TFH, you were correct!)) or has a rockin' beat! Qualifying to be a song that rocks, isn't that difficult given the criteria. My mood really influences my music selection.

Here are (in no particular order) the Ambitious One’s Top 15 songs that always make my running playlists…I consider these my running classics):
1. Duran Duran – Hungry Like the Wolf
2. Kanye West- Stronger
3. Billy Joel- Running on Ice
4. Michael Jackson—Wanna Be Startin’ Something’
5. Rocky –Gonna Fly Now
6. Cake—The Distance
7. Daniel Beddingfield—Gotta Get Through This (at mile 16ish is when this is my go-to song!)
8. Peter Gabriel- In Your Eyes
9. The Beach Boys—California Girls (reminds me of my roots!)
10. Michael Sembello—Maniac (from Flashdance)
11. The Beatles—Paperback Writer
12. Stevie Wonder—Superstition
13. Gloria Gaynor—I Will Survive (again, a good one for high mileage!)
14. Timbaland—The Way I Are
15. The Rolling Stones—Sympathy for the Devil

Here’s a top 10 of my songs that rock-right now (i.e. these are songs I’ll be sick of in a month...not necessarily all current songs either):
1. Britney- Circus
2. Lady GaGa – The Fame
3. Vampire Weekend- A-Punk
4. Laura Branigan—Gloria
5. Huey Lewis and The News—Power of Love
6. Kanye West- Heartless
7. Janus Stark- Every Little Thing Counts (from Varsity Blues Soundtrack)
8. Muse—Supermassive Black Hole
9. U2- Get On Your Boots
10. Madonna—Candy Shop

I have pretty mainstream taste in music and, as a child of the 80’s, there are a lot of 80’s tunes. I change my playlist almost once a week, otherwise I get bored. I usually listen to podcasts at least once a week too. I don’t listen to a ton of podcasts but here is my normal list (in order this time!):
1. 4 Feet Running
2. NPR: Wait, Wait, Don’t tell Me
3. The Extra Mile
4. NPR: It’s All Politics
5. Savage Love

I am always looking for new songs so leave me a couple of your favorites in the comments!