Friday, February 6, 2009

So much to say...some of it I do interview style

Lots to say this week, just no time to say it. I’m completely behind in blog land…sorry guys! This week has been filled with lots of work stuff and essentially no exercise (bad Alisa). Last week, I swam, I biked, I ellipitcal’d, I yoga’d, I lifted…I ROCKED! This week not so much. I haven’t done a lick of exercise this week unless you count taking the dog for a 20 min walk last night. I’m actually pretty mad at myself. I HATE it when I let work get in the way. It was sort of unavoidable this week as more changes are going to be happening in my department. By Wednesday, I was already at 38 hours for the week. To give you just a taste of my week, Gazelle’s and I met for coffee on Wednesday morning and about 10 minutes into our coffee break I got a work call and had to rush back to my desk—this is not unusual. Don’t get me wrong, I actually really like my job BUT I don’t like when I don’t prioritize my health. Blah. Enough. I’ll be back on track starting tomorrow.

I have a TON to say but I don’t want this post getting out of control so I’ll just briefly summarize three key things from the week/upcoming weekend and will likely have a longer post on Sunday.

--> Tomorrow I’m running 7 miles on the 7th with Gazelle’s, Sarah and Mr. Pi. (This is my first run since Arizona RnR.)
--> Tomorrow is the first day of my San Diego Marathon training. (I created a plan a couple of weeks ago, this is sure to be the topic of a Sunday post =)).
--> Non-running related…I am completely, 100%, sucked into the Twilight series…despite my best efforts NOT to be a crowd follower. I read book #1 in two days and book #2 in three days despite my busy work schedule (guess I did have time for exercise, I just spent it reading). Mr. Pi is ordering me #’s 3 & 4, I hope Amazon is fast! I totally wanted to title this post "interview with a wannabe vampire."

I jumped on the interview train this week too...knowing that I didn't want to be the only blogger out there without an interview post, so here are the questions I received from the lovely Sarah:

Even though you are totally missing Cali, what are you learning to love about Portland?

Three things come to mind: #1 All my awesome new friends! #2 Mountain views (I’ve always been an ocean person but there is something pretty spectacular about driving to work and see the sunrise over Mt Hood). #3 My job. (There is no way I would have gotten to meet so many high profile people if I had taken a similar job in California. While I’m still a little fish in a big pond, the Oregon pond is much smaller and therefore more easily swimmable.)

What was it about Mr. Pi that completely won you over?

Oh gosh, that is a hard one; there are so many things that ‘won me over’! His stunning sexiness…that one is for you honey! (Certainly a factor.) I think it was our instance chemistry/feeling like I could say/do anything (like, get the uncontrollable giggles on our first date, member that?). Over time, what keeps winning me over is our ability to keep our relationship new and fresh. Even after 5+ years, we still have tons of fun together, we go on new adventures and I still get butterflies when we have date nights (yes, honey, it’s true, I do).

Do you have any great / embarrassing / awkward running stories?

Hmmmm…the first one that comes to mind is the time I fell off the treadmill in college. I normally worked out at the local 24 hour fitness but I decided to go to the university rec center as a change. I was plugging away on the ‘mill and, here is where it gets embarrassing, a really hot guy walked by behind me (I was facing a mirror) and I totally lost concentration and flew off the back of the ‘mill crashing into him. I was mortified. Luckily, it was early so there weren’t a lot of witnesses.

What is one part of your personality you wish that other people saw more often?

This is a tough one. I feel like I’m a pretty open person and most people that know me have seen all my personality traits. Maybe my comical side? Or maybe I say that b/c I don’t really think I’m that funny and I wish I was more so? Hmmm…I’m not really answering the question, am I? I honestly don’t know. Anyone want to shout out a part of personality they want to see more?

If you could have any super powers what would they be and why?

Hands down--TELEPORTATION! This way I could beam myself anywhere at any time. Hello, Hawaii! Plus, no need to be stuck in traffic ever again.