Thursday, February 26, 2009

Return of the Doubles

Monday I was super sore from my Sunday 11 mile hill run, though I do think the post-run ice bath helped my recovery. All I did Monday was take the dog for an hour long walk and stretch!

Tuesday I couldn’t get out of bed so I waited until after work to run. Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate with me and it was POURING when I got home. I decided to scrap my hill repeat workout in favor of a 4 miler on the ‘mill. I decided to try and increase speed every mile and end with the last mile under 10:00. I succeeded! (Woo-Woo!) Despite my legs feeling a bit heavy I went for it:

Mile 1 10:47; Mile 2 10:31; Mile 3 10:10; Mile 3 – 3.5 9:52/3.5 – 4 9:30!

There was a very lanky, very runnerish looking guy next to me probably running twice as fast with half the effort BUT I made it! I think having President Obama giving his address to Congress helped keep my mind distracted.

After the run, I decided to give Jillian’s 30-Day Shred a try. I thought, 20 minutes can’t be that bad right?! WRONG! Wowza, that little 20 minute workout packs a big punch. I made it through the 20 minute workout okay but I was dripping with sweat, probably a mixture of running sweat and shred sweat. I will definitely be using this video again. If that is what level 1 is like, I’m scared for level 3! Double workout #1!

Yesterday, I had to be AT work by 6:45am and around midnight decided that getting up at 4:30am to swim was not going to happen. PLUS, the Shred and run left me mighty sore. My work day was great, busy but productive. One of those days where I was flying around 100 miles a minute, traveling to meetings and working non-stop. Those days make the work hours fly by—that’s the best part!

Last night was our February PDX runner (and Julianne, who is now an honorary PDX’er with all her work travel) meetup! She told us her really exciting news! She was accepted to be a participant in the Hope Runs 777 Challenge…7 Marathons, 7 Continents, 7 Weeks! All I can say is WOW! She is running for a charity that benefits AIDS orphans in Africa. This challenging event will also break a world record if all goes according to plan. Julianne has a hefty sum of money to raise for her journey but we all know she can do it. We were brainstorming fundraising activities last night. Sometime in the next year, there might be some sort of silent auction/raffle in PDX to help support her cause. We will be brainstorming…

Speaking of brainstorming…we all decided that we need a better name for our little running group! We haven’t come up with anything yet but here are a few I came up with, what do ya think groupies? Our group keeps expanding too, I love it, we have Cindy join us last night! She's super nice and has amazing taste in footwear!

RoadBlazers (Actually, Julianne came up with this one)
Foot loose and flying feet
Chicks & Dicks with Kicks

This morning I started off the day with a pokey-ish 5 miles. I was supposed to do 5 miles @ tempo pace (which for me is about 9:50-10:15)…I ended up bouncing around with the speed a lot and had to take a walk break at 2.5 miles (I was superduper thirsty!). I finished in 52:40 which isn’t horrible but not a tempo run really. Then, I met up with HTC and did an hour spin class. I haven’t been to spinning in ages so I KNOW I will be sore tomorrow! If I’m not totally dead tonight I’ll try to Shred again and it’s my night to take the Zoe-dog for a long walk.

Now that I’ve wasted several minutes working on this post, I best get back to the grind.

GOOD LUCK to racer Julianne this weekend as she completes the Napa Marathon! The PDX crew will be there in spirit cheering along with the ROHO's!