Thursday, February 12, 2009

Report on FIRST Plan

I’m over halfway through my first week of the FIRST plan (my plan of choice for RnR San Diego) and I gotta say---I LOVE IT! I love having a target pace to hit for my runs and I really like having days off in between runs. My knee hasn’t been giving me any problems (knock on wood…my office furniture is fake wood so I’m knocking on my head). I have been diligent about stretching after runs and using the foam roller. The one thing I feel I need to work on in the coming weeks is keeping up with a weights routine (even if it’s every other week). I feel that adding weights to my workouts really helps my legs feel strong…even if it’s the placebo effect.

Here’s a breakdown of my exercise week:
Monday- Rest Day (This would normally be a yoga day but I was still pretty sore from the Saturday run and I did yoga on Sunday with my hubby.)

Tuesday- Speed work intervals! (I used my Alberto Salazar Nike Running download that I bought awhile back, it’s the only Nike running download I have, I wouldn’t want to use it every day but I like it every once in awhile. I think it’s called something like “improve your endurance.” The workout is 10 minutes of warm up, 4 sets of 3 minute speed intervals followed by 3 minutes of recovery and a 10 minute cool down. My plan called for 6 intervals of 3 min fast/3 min recovery (I only ended up doing 5) so after the fourth interval on the Nike workout I switched to my own music for a few minutes. I really wanted to do all 6 intervals but after 5 my legs were dead and I didn’t want to push it too much.

10 minute warm-up @ 11:06
Fast intervals @ 9:40; 9:54; 10:00; 10:00; 9:40
Recovery intervals @ 10:30; 10:47; 10:47; 10:54; 11:06
10 min cool-down @ 11:15
I did pause the ‘mill twice to stretch out my legs; once after the third interval and once after the last interval.

Wednesday- 2200 yards of Swimming! I love Wednesday’s!

Swimmer-speak re-cap: 300-warmup; 300-kick; 200 build free (each lap faster, end with a sprint lap); 4 x 75 Free/Back/Free; 200-kick (hard); 4 x 50 Free (build); 150-pull; 150-kick (breast); 200-back (build); 100-kick (slow); 100-Free (long extension))

Thursday- 5 miles Tempo! (I’m really trying to feel more comfortable running at a 10:00- 10:30 pace for more than a couple of miles. My goal marathon pace is 10:45. My goal tempo pace is 9:30…someday!)

Mile 1- 11:06/Mile 2 – 10:30/Mile 3- 10:15/Mile 4- 10:45 (short walk break)/Mile 5- 11:00
5 miles @ 10:40ish avg

Friday- Swim! (Going to try for 2500-2750 yards tomorrow. Friday’s are cross training days for me so I think I’ll try to incorporate swimming, biking and the elliptical…this would also be a good day for weights. Chic Runner does a 20-20-20 thing (20 minutes on the bike, elliptical and ‘mill) I might want to try that once or twice too.

Hope everyone enjoys their 3-day weekend and Valentine’s Day. Go to Julianne’s blog to read Valentine’s Day stories…awwww!