Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hello my name is...

Not a Hill Runner.

Today, I learned this lesson the hard way. Gazelle's, Mr. Pi and I met at a track near the route of our upcoming Shamrock 15k race. Mr. Pi had 14 miles on the schedule and Gazelle's and I were running 11. I knew this course was going to be tough (as I drive the route often and know what the hills are like, at least by car). Gazelle's and I did three warm up miles on the track and then headed UP, UP, UP the Shamrock course. Garmin says it was about 1,002 foot climb! This explains the mile splits during miles 4, 5, 6, and 7. My slowest mile was 13:40 (ouch...hence, the title "not a hill runner"). However, the downhill miles were pretty sweet! (Best pace 8:38...that is FAST for me...granted I held that pace for only .5 but still!)

Long Run totals: 11.20 miles/ 11:45 pace

Here are a couple of pictures from the run:

Post run I decided to try an Aron ice bath! The first minute was hell but after than it wasn't too bad, nice even. Next time, I need more ice and a little more water my legs weren't totally submerged. I think the key to making the experience tolerable, if not enjoyable, was the hot tea and sweatshirt! (And, the look on Mr. Pi and Zoey's faces.) My question to all you ice bath takers, do you hop in the shower right after the bath? Is it bad to go from cold to hot? (I turned on the shower right away since I didn't have that much to get ready.)

The initial reaction!

Trying to hold up the sweatshirt so it didn't get wet. Zoey looking on so perplexed! (Note: I'm not naked I had on bikini bottoms, in case any of you were wondering.)

After the run and ice bath, I met Junk Miles for a Blazers game! It was a ton of fun, a great way to enjoy a beer and entertainment after a long, hard run! The stairs getting to our seats reminded me with each step that I ran hills today.

I had some great totals this week!

Running - 20.3
Swimming - 5500 yards---approx. 3.1 miles (I swam almost 2 miles on Saturday...might not have been the best plan the day before a long run but it was fun!)

I also did an hour of yoga and took the dog for a couple of good walks. The two things I seem to be lacking are biking (must work that into the schedule if I want to get in a Tri this summer) and weights. Gazelle let me borrow 30 Day Shred so I hope to get in a couple of shred sessions this week AND Tuesday I will be running hill repeats. I WILL NOT come in last at the Shamrock run!