Sunday, February 8, 2009


Yesterday, Sarah, Mr. Pi and I ventured out for the 7 on the 7th virtual race, hosted by Run to the Finish. It was an absolutely beautiful day, blue sky and sunshine—my kind of day. We decided to run in a new location. It sounded like a good idea on paper. We picked a loop around a local lake. I saw that it said rolling hills but I thought "it’s around a lake how hilly could it be, right?" Um…apparently VERY! This was probably the hilliest run I’ve ever attempted—yes, EVER! I almost always stick to flat routes or routes with small/medium hills never lasting more than a quarter mile.

Sarah and I started out with an optimistic outlook until about 1.5 miles in...we’d already huffed and puffed what we thought was most of the way up the first hill. I swear that hill went on and on, we ended up walking some of it. However, on the plus side we were rewarded with a lovely downhill BUT by mile 4 I was already pretty tired. I think that route may have been a bit overzealous for my first run since Arizona and the first run of San Diego training. Not to mention the fact that we didn’t stick to the 7 mile loop and ended up going 8.10 miles, according to Garmin. Sarah paused her Nike + for the walking breaks and we ended up with 5 miles of actual running at about a 10:16 pace (pretty good, for me at least). Garmin said 8.10 miles total at an average of 12:16. To give you a taste of the difference in mile splits. We had two miles at 9:30-40 and two miles of 13:00 + (one of those at 15:00). Most of the other miles hovered in the upper 11’s and low 12’s. I think overall we kicked serious butt, considering the terrain! When we finished, I told Sarah that we have a time to beat next time we attempt this route. We are both starting to incorporate speedwork into our plans and I’m also including hills—next time the walking will be minimal or non-existent. We don't have an exact official time for our 7 miles but I added up the 7 mile splits and did an average, came to: 76.2 minutes, average of 10.8 min/mile. Not too shabby, yay for downhill!

So speaking of new training plans….I promised in an earlier post that I would discuss my San Diego marathon training plan. I decided on a modified FIRST plan. I’ll be running Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Tuesdays will be alternating speedwork and hills (I’ll be doing these workouts with Gazelle). Thursdays are Tempo runs and every third week just a straight even pace run. Sundays are long runs! The FIRST plan emphasizes pacing, each run of the week has a specified pace. I think this will really help me with my goal of breaking 5 hours in San Diego. I think as the plan progresses I’ll know exactly what pace I can realistically sustain for a marathon! I have also incorporated swimming into the plan, since I’ve joined the 100 miles of swimming in 2009 challenge on Buckeye and I also have my eye on a TRI in July/August. I feel completely ready to start training for San Diego. I am really excited about this race. There are so many bloggers running, many I’ve met and many I haven’t; it’s going to a fun weekend! Also, since the 2008 SD marathon was my first marathon, this course holds a certain spot in my memory. To all those running this race---LET’S ROCK IT!