Saturday, January 10, 2009

Um, I'm running a weekend?

Yes, that's right folks I am running a marathon next weekend in Arizona. You're thinking, she hasn't talked much about this race...her weekly mileage hasn't been above 20 in the last this girl crazy????? Well...yes and no. This race has been on my calendar for a long time BUT with the my knee injury I had to drop my training waaaaayyy back. In fact, for the last month I have only been running my long runs on the weekend and been cross training during the week. This has helped my knee tremendously but not my overall running fitness or my confidence. I told myself a few weeks back that if I was able to run my long-long runs (i.e. my long runs above 13 miles) then I would run the marathon---if not, I would drop to the half. I did do my long-long runs BUT there were only 3 or 4 runs longer than 13 and those were the only significant distance runs I've done since my last marathon (in June). Not to mention I have a nagging cold that has caused me to pull/strain/hurt my right stomach muscles from coughing so much. (Yes, I am a bit of wreck.) As of right now I am planning to run the full marathon but am leaving the final decision for game day.

I haven't talked much about this race, not because I'm not excited about it but b/c so many things have been going with the holidays and work that I haven't had a lot of time to think about it. This is good and bad. Good, b/c sometimes I tend to over plan and get into a mindset that the "plan" I set must not change no matter what happens. Bad, b/c this time I feel very under planned...I don't have my marathon outfit picked out yet, I haven't started my packing list, I haven't thought much about what we're going to do there, I haven't booked our rental car...ugh! I'm stressing myself out. I think I've spent so much time lately thinking about what I wanted to do in 2009 that I forgot this race was in 2009!

Tomorrow, I will be choosing my marathon outfit. Part of the reason I haven't selected an outfit yet is b/c I've been training in cold weather and it will be much warmer in Arizona and therefore I haven't wanted to think about which shorts (or running skirt) to wear. Don't worry I won't pick anything I haven't trained in or wore during a previous race...I'm a rookie but not that much of a rookie!

Tomorrow, I will also be: 1) running my last run before the race, 8 miles; 2) booking our rental car; 3) planning out our trip a little more (we want to get to both the grand canyon and sedona); 4) start packing (or at least make my packing list); and 5) finish cleaning the house so I don't have to worry about it next week. At some point next week, I also need to make my marathon play list (song suggestions are welcomed...I got a couple of Itunes gift cards for Xmas and plan to buy a few new songs before the marathon.)

Stay tuned for pictures of the marathon outfit and for more details about next weekend.