Monday, January 12, 2009

Light-hearted post for the day

I have been a blogging machine…three days in a row, this has to be some sort of record. Anyway, I have greatly appreciated all of the well wishes for a healthy, injury-free run on Sunday. As the week progresses, I will be thinking about whether I should run the full or half marathon. For now, I leave you with a light-hearted TAG post.

I was tagged by, Melinda:

4 Favorite Memories of 2008:
:: Running my first marathon
:: Vacationing in Hawaii
:: Getting Zoey!
:: Starting my first career track job (though I started in 2007)

4 Favorite Movies of 2008:
:: The Dark Knight
:: Kung Fu Panda
:: Iron Man
:: Wall-E

4 Favorite Foods of 2008:
:: Umpqua Ice Cream (especially chocolate peanut butter)
:: Anything made by my wonderful husband (I'm lucky he cooks a lot =))
:: Manicotti from Cooking
:: Pumpkin Turkey Chili (who doesn’t love pumpkin!?)

4 Places I loved in 2008:
:: Any of my visits back to Cali
:: Kauai
:: Ecola State Park
:: The inside of first brand new car (which is good b/c I’ve spent a lot of time in the car)

4 Things I Liked in 2008:
:: Meeting new friends (mostly bloggers =))
:: Blogging
:: Running with running buddies
:: Vacations!

4 Things I am Looking Forward to in 2009:
:: Running faster (and injury-free)
:: Hanging out w/Portland bloggers
:: Possibly moving back to a warmer, sunnier place =)
:: Reading more

4 People I Tagged:
I think everyone I know has been tagged!

Happy Manic Monday everyone!