Sunday, January 11, 2009

Last run...

Today Mr. Pi and I ran our last long runs before the marathon. Mine did not go well. I had great intentions of running 8 miles but only made it 6.35. I set out with Gazelle's (the best running partner ever) and about mile in I had to take my first break. My cold has migrated to a chest cold and my breathing was extremely labored. As I mentioned in my previous post, my stomach muscles are sore from coughing and today my chest felt like there were a ton of bricks sitting on it, squeezing every breath. UGH! Gazelle's was such a good sport...we slowed down and started a walk/run routine for the rest of the middle miles. We ended the run, running...which I guess was all I could ask for today. (Knee update: My knee felt great at the beginning of this run but toward the end was a little achy and has been sore the rest of the day. I have been icing and have foam rollered. I will be wearing flats this week at work and will be foam rollering everyday...I may also throw in some of Gazelle's stabilizing one-legged squats.)

After the run, Mr. Pi, Gazelle's and I met with with her, her and him for brunch. (Sadly, they were unavailable.) It was a great brunch. I would normally order something like pancakes or waffles but I went out on a limb and ordered the tofu scramble and it was DELICIOUS! Many, many, many, many, many, many cups of coffee were had. We talked about TV shows, movies, books and of course, RUNNING. All in all it was a great way to end a somewhat disappointing morning.

My last post mentioned many items I wanted to accomplish today. I DID manage to get some of them completed (or at least started).

1. Rental car for Arizona---BOOKED!!

2. Marathon outfit---DONE (sort of...I narrowed it down to these two options...I think I'm leaning toward the crazy running skirt option if for nothing else to feel like one of these ladies! The shorts and tank option is the boring/safe option...who knows what mood I'll be in the night before which is when I will make my final decision.)

3) Planning the trip---DONE (sort, I'm good at this sort of thing! I emailed her, who lives in AZ and also running the half marathon to get some input on our trip.)

4) Start packing---NOT DONE (but...I did do all the laundry so the clothes to pack are clean.)

5) Clean the house---DONE (except my bathroom which I will get to Tuesday night.)

All in all, a pretty productive day. We also gave the dog a bath and I cooked dinner. Tomorrow I go to Bikram with Gazelle's, start my packin' for real =) and start consuming lots of extra water.

A few have asked about a race tracker and they do have one...I'll be posting it later this week!