Saturday, January 31, 2009

Good Morning Weekend!

Doggie decided to wake me up this morning a little too early for my taste BUT since I’m hitting Bikram at 9:00 with these chicas, best to get up and start the day (i.e drink my coffee).

This week was crazy busy at work but on the whole pretty good. I started using The Daily Plate, which was suggested by a few of you, to track my food. This site has a HUGE bank of food products, a million times better than FitDay. (Yes, I did know you can input custom food to FitDay and I had done a lot of items but I it became very annoying that every time I added a new food to my repertoire I had to add in all the ingredients. I need something simple.) I did really good this week other than last night (beer, fried goodness and fudge all in the same night—UGH!). I am going to continue to track for February and then print up a report and see if there are places I can cut things out/make things healthier. My biggest issue with food tracking is tracking at night—I’m great during the day but once I get home I need to be more diligent.

On the exercise front, I re-discovered my love for morning workouts. On Monday, I took Zoey for a longish walk and did 30 minutes (of a 60 min DVD) of Power Yoga (that shiz is HARD, I forgot how hard). Tuesday, I met the Gazelle’s for a XT session and abs, she ran. Wednesday, the Gazelle’s and I hit the pool! I loved it! It was awesome! I forgot how great swimming makes me feel and how much I love the smell of chlorine. Yes, that’s weird, I know. (My favorite part is getting into the shower afterwards and you can still seem the pool—double weird, I know.) Thursday, was XTraining and leg weights for me, Gazelle’s was on the ‘mill. Friday…uh…was supposed to be another swim day for me but instead I slept in and ate massive amounts of fried food, drank beer and ate fudge for dinner. While I do want to lose a few pounds and be healthier with my choices, I also think that becoming too neurotic about counting calories and exercising like a maniac make me a not so fun person—likewise though, not exercising enough and eating crap also makes me not fun to around…it’s a balancing act.

Today is Bikram with some of the PDX’ers and tomorrow is spinning and/or swimming (haha, that rhymes).

Good luck to all the racers out there! LA Runner, Chic Runner, POM, The RoHo’s, TFH…there are a TON of you this weekend, sorry if I missed anyone! Can’t wait to read all the race reports!