Thursday, January 22, 2009!!

I was tagged by the lovely and accomplished ARON. Your blog is pretty fab too chica! My current 5 addictions are...

1. My new Cheetah Pink running skirt. I LOVE IT! What can I say, fashion, practicality and comfort can all go together…if only this was the case for most of my shoes?!
2. Books! I know they are a semi-lost form of entertainment BUT I’ve officially read two books in January already and I’m loving reading and NOT watching TV.
3. Blogging and reading blogs! I’m wayyyy behind at the moment since I was without internet in Arizona BUT I’ll be all caught up in no time.
4. My iphone! I love it…can’t say enough good things about the little guy.
5. It staying lighter just a little later…which means…we’re on the downward slope to SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!

I’m swamped at work, sounds like everyone else is too! I’ll be adding some more photos of Arizona and of the blogger meetup last night with her, her, her, her, him and Mr. Pi!

Not sure if I’ll get in a post tomorrow so good luck to all the racers this weekend…

Hope I didn’t miss anyone!!!