Monday, December 22, 2008

Welcome to not-so-sunny California

Mr. Pi and I decided to leave Portland on Saturday morning, hoping to avoid the next round of Arctic Blast 2008. Saturday morning at 4:50 am we were in the car, with presents, suitcases and Zoey too! It snowed for the first two hours but all the mountain passes were fine. Good thing we left when we did, here is the headline from the this mornings Oregonian newspaper: "Portland area grinds to a halt with another snow day." This headline was followed by a picture of a guy cross country skiing in downtown. Whew...glad we are out of there. Hope all my fellow Portland bloggers are bundled up and hunkered down in your respective places.

I was hoping for warmer, sunnier California weather BUT sadly, our long run Sunday was very rainy and chilly (low 40's). Nevertheless, we bucked up and did our runs. I ran 15 miles, my longest since the San Diego marathon last year. The knee felt pretty good throughout the whole run, maybe the cold numbed it. Everything else was numb. I took my time and finished in 3 hours and 3 minutes. Slow by most people's standards but I was just happy to be running, relatively pain-free. However, I must say that I missed my Portland running crew. In fact, I almost called the Gazelle at mile 12ish for motivation. The park was nice, despite the rain, deer and squirrels greeted me along my route. Mr. Pi ran 22 miles, wow, and finished just a couple minutes after me...GRRRRR...I wish I was faster.

Today, of course, it's partly sunny and warmer. Oh well! I did a new yoga video and have used the foam roller a few times. The knee is sore but not as sore as in past weeks. I'm hoping to run a few more miles this week and will continue to yoga and foam roller. On Christmas morning I’d like to run a 5 or 10k…maybe I’ll do a Santa Run like Nik & Dan from 4 Feet Running and run in a Santa hat.

Stay warm and Happy Holidays!