Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let it Snow!

Some of you must laugh when us west coasters get excited about the snow but it is exciting! When I lived in DC and in Boston, people always knew I wasn't from the east, partly b/c any time it was below 60 I was wearing my puffy coat, but mostly b/c when the snow would fall and I would be the one happy smiling face. Of course, the luster of snow eventually went away for me after a couple of years in Boston but now that I'm back on the west coast snow has it's luster back. While there are only a few inches on the ground and it made me have to cancel my running group plans (Mr. Pi and I aren't the most experienced snow drivers and chickened out on driving downtown), I'm still loving every minute of it. I HATE the rain, anyone that reads this blog or knows me at all, knows that fact BUT I gotta say, I like the snow. If it's going to be cold and gray it might as well be snowing!

Here was how I spent my morning.

Zoey got to try her new snow booties! We bought these yesterday b/c we are planning to take her snow shoeing in Tahoe when we are down in California over Xmas break...we didn't know we would get to give them a trial run today. Here is a video of her trying them out in the living room. (She eventually got used to them.)

In running news...despite canceling the running group this morning, all of us got out there and put in some miles. I opted for the treadmill (I do like the snow but I am a Californian). I went 7 miles, which was no where close to the 14-15 I had planned but hey, I did something! Watching the snow come down while I was in my shorts and tank top right underneath a heater made the miles go by pretty fast. (I just wish I had a Xmas playlist on my iPhone...that is next on the to-do list.) The knee didn't hurt until about mile 5...this is also when I started to slow down. I ended the 7 miles at a 11:45 avg pace with miles 2-5 at a 10:50 avg.

Big congrats to Absolut(ly) Fit and D10 for their marathon finishes! Great job ladies!