Thursday, December 11, 2008

Grim Week but Happy Weekend!

This has been a somewhat somber week. While the holidays are right around the corner, the mood around my company is anything but in the holiday spirit. The financial downturn has hit and hit hard. Layoffs are happening, doors are slamming, there is lots of whispering in the hallways, the local papers are running not-so-nice stories…it is bad. I naively thought that my small, yet important, department wouldn’t be too adversely affected…after all it is my department who lobbies to get the institution money. I was wrong. While there was a little light at the end of the tunnel today, we are still affected. I don’t want to go into details but it has been a hard week filled with both tears and anger. I am trying to maintain a positive outlook, especially since I do still have a job, but the changes happening around me are hard not to get wrapped up in. The next few weeks will be interesting. I don’t suppose it could get much worse so for now, I’ll buckle down and weather out the rest of the storm.

Training news. Last weekend, I did an awesome run and my knee felt great. Monday, it was a little sore but I met Gazelle’s at yoga and had a great yoga session- it was just what I needed after a sobering Monday at work. Tuesday, I also met Gazelle’s at the gym and ellipticalled my heart out and did a few leg weights. (I also foam ouch…but also ahhhhhh….) Wednesday, I took the day off. I meant to go to the gym after work but I’ve decided if it doesn’t happen in the morning, it’s not going to (except for some weird reason, yoga, I always make it to that class). By Wednesday the knee was feeling great most of the day I didn’t even feel it. I was back to normal. Today, I also met Gazelle’s at the gym bright and early. (Have I mentioned how great it is to have a workout buddy!) I was going to run but thought it best to take another day off running and elliptical again. I ellipticalled, rode the bike and did arm weights. I miss arm weights. When I had a trainer my arms and back were fantastic! See... (this was me trying on wedding dresses)...
Not so much anymore…I’ll have to work arm weights into the schedule more often. I foam rollered again and have decided I may violate one of my December rules (i.e. to not buy anything for myself) and buy a foam roller this weekend. It so hurts while you’re rollering but almost immediately afterwards I feel better. I think that deserves a violation. (We also ran into her…which was awesome…she looks fantastic!)

I’m meeting Gazelle’s again tomorrow morning and hoping to run about 4 miles. What I am most excited about is Sunday. We are going to have quite a group! I’m hoping to run 14 maybe 15 miles but with the weather forecast who knows. Here is what the weather says for Sunday......
That’s right, SNOW!! BRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! This Californian is a WIMP when it comes to the cold. BUT like I said, I am super excited about running with my running partners for the weekend---we are hardcore ladies and Mr. Pi! (Hopefully when Jen and Zach recover from CIM they will join us and there will be another male in the group!).

I’m sooooo happy tomorrow is Friday. I’m looking forward to a couple of days off from the depressing scene that is my workplace. I have a weekend full of Xmas present wrapping (I think I will be finished with shopping by Sunday) and Xmas card writing if Mr. Pi gets his way. I kinda don't want to send them this year BUT we've already received 5 and I do really enjoy reading them. I'm sure I'll cave and start filling them out on Saturday when the snow starts coming down and Mr. Pi lights my pumpkin spice candle, puts on the Xmas music and make me hot chocolate. (Got that hon, jk!)

Good luck to racers this weekend. I know Absolut(ly) Fit will be running in warm, sunny Hawaii…have a great time! D10 is also racing this weekend---GOOD LUCK---BTW everyone should read her latest post, it was a great reflection on the running community and the sport. I feel truly honored to be part of the running community, thank you all for welcoming me!