Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey Trot Race Report and Long Run Saturday

On a whim Mr. Pi and I decided to load up the car and head down to Cali for Thanksgiving. We had originally planned to stay in Portland, cook dinner and run the local Turkey Trot at the Zoo. Wednesday morning bright and early, 4:30am, we were up and packing the car to head to my Mom's house in the foothills below Lake Tahoe. My stepdad had looked up a local turkey trot for Mr. Pi and I, which we promptly signed up for and ran on Thanksgiving morning. Mr. Pi ran the 10k and I, along with my gimpy knee ran the 5k. I can't say my time was amazing, as I ran the up hills and hobbled the downhills (my mom lives in a very hilly area at about 2,500 ft which isn't super high in elevation but more so than we are used to). My Garmin said 34:12...I didn't even see an official clock, though I'm sure there was one. The race was quite chaotic. It started and ended on the local high school running track but mostly ran on trails. The trails were narrow a bit muddy and waaaaayyyy too crowded. The overcrowding was mostly due to the fact that the 10k, 5k and walker category all started at the same time. The walkers were told to move to the back behind the runners but anyone that has run a race with walkers knows this does not happen. The first mile was spent dodging slow runners and the many walkers that snuck into the runners section. Ultimately, I'd say this was my worst 5k ever. My knee was screaming before we even left the track area. Clearly my "runners knee" has not gone away. One very cool thing about the race was the fact that we walked to the start line. I've run local races before but never been able to walk to the start. It was a great warmup and cooldown, though at the end my knee was hurting pretty bad and I was tempted to call for a ride. I'm glad our turkey trot tradition was continued.

Thanksgiving was awesome. I tried to maintain portion control but probably ate a gazillion calories anyway. On Friday, Mr. Pi and I had coffee with my mom, stepdad and a few of their friends. After coffee we headed down to Sacramento to visit my Dad. It was Zoey's first time at both of my parents houses. My mom completely spoiled her...there were toys all over the house waiting for little ZoZo. My Mom being the good grandparent she is, even washed all the toys b/c she was worried about the chemicals. Zoey had fun at my Dad's house too. He has hardwood floors, something she isn't used to, and was slipping and sliding all over the place. We took her for a nice walk along the bike trail not far from my Dad's house. She even went for a little prance through the water (it was pretty funny to watch). Friday night we had a yummy dinner with my Dad and Stepmom.

Friday night I texted my best friend and fellow running blogger Kristen to see if she was in town and wanted to go for a run on Saturday morning. I was super excited that she was available and wanted to run. We met this morning at my Dad's house at 8:30am and the three of us headed to the bike trail for 3 different distances. Mr. Pi was running 20 (which he finished and did awesome!), I technically had 12 miles but was hoping for 8 or better depending on the knee and Kristen was doing a 6 miler. Kristen and I are close to the same speed but she is a little faster...though it was so motivating to always see her in front of me a few feet. It definitely kept me at a good pace. I was said to see her turn around at the 3 mile marker. I continued on and ended up finishing 9 miles in about 1:45ish which is about an 11:40 mile. I had to do some walking on the way back, again the knee was screaming on the downhills (even though they were very slight). I was happy with just finishing 9 miles. It was the 12 I was supposed to run but it was something. I hope my knee gets better soon!

Mr. Pi, Zoey and I are currently at Mr. Pi's parent’s house (even though they aren't here). We'll be here just for the night and then will be off to the land of rain tomorrow morning. (Mr. Pi's parent’s house is about an hour closer to Portland than either of my parent's houses.)

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I'm looking forward to hearing race reports of all the turkey trots that were run. I hope to have some pictures from ours next week.