Sunday, November 9, 2008

Running Buddies & Schedule for the Week

I’ve never had running buddies. Mr. Pi is too fast (he has offered to slow down and run a few miles with me but I always feel guilty making him slow down). All of my other friends that run live far away. Since I met Sarah and Gazelle’s I have TWO running buddies. Running buddies are awesome! For example, this morning I really didn’t want to run BUT I had a date with my running buddies at 10:00am downtown. Once we started running I felt pretty good (other than my arthritis and a slight twinge in my knee). The girls called it a day after 3.5 which left 6.5 lonely miles for me (I need to time it so I meet them at the end of my run). Miles 4-7ish were pretty slow. I was slightly cold, I had to pee (no way was I using the nasty public restrooms along the waterfront), my music selection is pretty stale (I need to dedicate a night this week to revamping my playlist) and I was lonely. However, I got through them, albeit slowly. Miles 8-10 were actually pretty good. My average during those miles was a 10:30 and the last ½ mile I picked it up to a 10:10. Overall, I finished the 10 miles in 2:01. Slower than I wanted but hey, I finished. (I was also thanking my lucky stars that it didn’t rain…it was cloudy and windy but NO RAIN---HOORAY!)

Recapping the week…I started off the week with Bikram on Monday. It felt awesome! I went a little downhill until Wednesday when I got in a great 6 miles before work. Thursday I was lazy. Friday I ran 4, Saturday Mr. Pi and I did a pilates DVD and Sunday I did my 10. Still missed my target of 20 miles for the week BUT I felt I had quality miles this week…especially Wednesday’s run.

This coming week I have a couple of new workouts on the agenda.
Monday: Bikram (with Gazelle’s)
Tuesday: Track Workout with a local running group (with Gazelle’s)
Wednesday: 6 miles, not sure if I’m going to run on my own or with a group
Thursday: Weights class (maybe some xtraining)
Friday: 4 miles, not sure if I’m flying solo or will run with a group
Saturday: maybe yoga, maybe pilates DVD (& wine/cheese party), maybe nothing…
Sunday: 14 miles (probably Springwater trail)

Hope everyone had a good weekend.