Sunday, November 16, 2008


I headed out for my 14 miles this morning, after 3 days of pure rest for my knee. I told myself if I felt pain I would stop. Well, I got the bad news about 1.5 miles into my 14 miles. It was the same acute, shooting pain that I felt earlier in the week! I've felt this pain before. The first few weeks I was in Boston, I walked all over the city (mostly in flip flops) and felt the same pain. I didn't let it sideline me too much then...I still walked to and from school (about 3 miles each way) and still did my morning routine (i.e. elliptical/bike/swim + weights). It went away in a couple of weeks but was sore for months.

My strategy this time around is to pay more attention to my body. Next week---no running! While this makes me sad, I also know I have a marathon in 9 weeks. I want to be fully recovered by then. No running next week BUT that doesn't mean I'll be sitting on my arse! I plan to read up on every knee strengthening exercise there is (which I have already started working on) and cross train (swim, bike, row, elliptical and yoga).

So far, all of the articles I've read say to give yourself at least one week off from running. Unfortunately, this is coming right as my mileage is supposed to be ramping up. When I do get back to my "plan" I'll have to be careful not to do too much too soon. Next week is going to look something like this:

Monday: Yoga (in the AM and not bikram since I have a work function in the evening...sorry Gazelle's , although you might still be in bed with the flu on Monday...I hope not...FEEL BETTER)
Tuesday: Swim + FB (full body)weights & knee exercises (again, sorry Gazelle's I can't do our speedwork)
Wednesday: Bike or Row + knee exercises
Thursday: Xtrain (which is on the schedule anyway...Gazelle's whatever you want to do for Xtraining is cool with me) + FB weights &knee exercises
Friday: Whichever of the xtraining items I haven't done (swim, bike, row or elliptical) + knee exercises
Saturday: Pilates/yoga
Sunday: Swim and row/bike + knee exercises

I plan to keep the leg weights/knee exercises in my future plan too. I think this is part of what was quads are strengthened during long runs BUT I haven't done leg weights in over a month.

Any other advice? If I don't run for too long I'll go crazy I know it. Running has become such a big part of my life, especially my weekly long runs! If any of you have had bouts of runners knee, I'd love to know how long you let it rest.