Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ice, Motrin & Rest...any other cure?

I've been sidelined the last couple of days with a 'bout of runners knee. After Sunday's long run my knee felt stiff but I didn't think much of it until Monday morning. I was barely walking, there was a sharp pain in the patella area (see photo). OUCH, it hurt! Monday, I wore flats to work and took a few motrins. I decided to go to yoga hoping the deep stretching would help. It did! Yoga worked it's magic and by the end of Monday, no pain!

Tuesday, there was a little soreness but I was almost back to normal which was a good thing b/c Gazelle's and I were going to a speed workout put on my one of the local running groups. Needless to say, Tuesday was NOT ideal running weather. It was cold and pouring rain. However, being the hardcore ladies that we are, we showed up (albeit reluctantly) to the track on Tuesday night. Soon into the warmup we realized we were in a bit over our heads. We made a valiant effort and completed about 2 (or maybe 3) sets of the prescribed workout and called it a night. My knee was really hurting and Gazelle's knee was hurting (she has been in PT for about 2 or 3 months). Plus, I personally, I won't speak for Gazelle's, felt a bit defeated. The runners in the group were definitely out of our league. However, we aren't giving up on speedwork. We decided to devise our own speed workouts and complete them on another track in town. (PDX runners...we will be working out on the Lincoln High track Tuesday nights.)

Wednesday I was planning to swim at the gym BUT it took me about an hour and a half to get home (you'd think people in Oregon would know how to drive in the rain...they don't). By the time I got home I was so anxious over the drive, it was another were skidding, ponds were forming on the freeway, I could barely see, two accidents happened right in front of me... I decided I really didn't want to drive to the gym. Plus my knee was pretty tender from the track workout on Tuesday. I know swimming is supposed to be good for the knees but I really didn't want to risk it.

Today...finally the rain stopped! The temperature dropped but nothing too bad, yet. Knee still sore so I decided to make it another rest day. I looked online to find out how long you're supposed to rest runner's knee but there wasn't really any good info. Does anyone out there know? I'm training for a January marathon, which means my mileage in the next month is going to ramp up...what should I do about the knee pain?

I'm actually pretty bummed this week. I came off of a great runners high week last week and had high hopes for this week. My runners knee coupled with the onset of my SAD (sunshine please come back) made for kind of a lousy week. I'm hoping next week will be better.