Monday, November 24, 2008

Doctors Orders & Trots

I've been a bit MIA from the blogging world lately. Mostly b/c this is a running blog and there hasn't been any running in my life. As you have all been hitting the pavement I've been doing yoga, leg weights, lots of biking and some walking. I went to the doctor for my knee pain on Friday and got the news...not really bad news (i.e. no serious damage) but not really good news. Diagnosis...patella tendonitis, otherwise known as runner’s knee. No big surprise BUT the doc did say to take another week or so off from running. He told me to be liberal with the Ibuprofen, to ice it and to do a series of stretches everyday.

I have been following all of his orders and hope to be good to go by Thursday. Why Thursday you ask? Isn't Thursday the day to sit on the couch and eat mounds of food? Why Thursday???!!!! It's the Turkey Trot! I have been running a turkey trot (almost every year) since 2001. Training for my first turkey trot was really what started my running. There were years I only did one race a year (a turkey trot) but slowly the race flyers started to catch my eye. This year I am thankful for the 2001 Davis Turkey Trot, which was my first race.

Are you running a turkey trot? Where is your Trot? Running on Thanksgiving morning makes me feel a LITTLE less guilty for engorging myself on T-day dinner. (At one dinner, a few years back, someone asked the question: "What's your favorite dish of Thanksgiving dinner?" I was the only person that said--TURKEY!) This year Mr. Pi and I will be running in an unplanned race. We are signed up to run the Portland Turkey Trot 4 miler BUT with a few changes in plans we will actually be driving down to California to see some family. Since our families both know how important running is to both of us they looked up a race for us! We'll be running the Grass Valley Turkey Trot.

Good luck to all the fellow Turkey Trotters...trot on!

P.S. Sorry fellow bloggers for not commenting, my google reader has 96 in the queue, I'm sifting through!