Thursday, October 2, 2008

Workin’ Day and Night

Work has been busy…I was in DC last week and we had a big event on Tuesday…I had a night meeting last night until 9:00pm…the list goes on.

With that said, I’ve been doing a decent job of getting to the gym (yesterday and today excluded). I did go Monday and Tuesday morning and I’m planning on going tomorrow. I have my long run scheduled for Saturday and Bikram with Gazelle’s on Sunday. However, what hasn’t been so good is my eating habits! My eating has been crap! On Tuesday after my very stressful work event (that I’ve been planning since March but didn’t get most of the stuff I needed from others until Monday), I ate like ½ a carton of ice cream for dinner. I hadn’t been on the scale in about month until this morning…damage wasn’t too horrific but this is definitely the heaviest I’ve been in a couple of years. (I’m not as brave as her, her or her so you probably won’t see me post my weight anytime soon.) As I was telling Gazelle’s the other day, what I need is a policer, someone I have to report my eating habits to. I'm not consistent about keeping track on my own if I don’t have anyone to be accountable too. It's like I need to treat my food journal and exercise log as homework assignments that have a weekly deadline and will receive a grade. That would be motivating.

From HTC’s last post it sounds like she is challenging herself to 12 lbs in 12 weeks…similar to the 10 in 10 challenge Nigel (from RFTR podcast) had awhile back. The 10 in 10 challenge was a 5lbs in 10 weeks for me personally but it was motivating to have to post a blog with my weight and progress for the week. Maybe HTC, Gazelle’s and I can have weigh-in Wednesday’s post or something….thoughts?

Tonight is the Portland Blogger Meet up with POM and some others from around PDX. I feel bad for the marathoners…last weekend was gorgeous…sunny (a rarity in Portland) and comfortable…the rain started today and will likely be here for the next 10 months (sorry J, I know how much you like to hear me complain about the weather). Be prepared to run in the rain on Sunday marathoners.

Speaking of marathoners I still haven’t completed my Arizona plan…bad marathoner! This weekend it WILL get done. Ask to see the plan next week if it’s not up by Monday. (HTC, Gazelles, Junk Miles…once the plan is up we should plan to do some of the training runs together.)