Friday, October 31, 2008

Runner's High

I took a few days off after the half last weekend partly due to a huge blister on my pinky toe (I didn't use enough duck tape on race day) and partly because work got in the way. It was a very busy BUT exciting week for me. On Monday there was this...Ore. governor pursues climate change package. Gov. Kulongoski held a press conference on climate change in a LEED Platinum certified building on the campus where I work (aka a "green" sustainable building). Wednesday this happened....Knights’ $100 million gift boosts OHSU cancer fight. The coolest part about this BIG event was that Phil and Penny Knight were actually at the announcement. (Apparently they rarely make appearances when their gifts are announced.) If you're not sure who the Knight's are, read this, but for a hint, at the announcement the Director of the Cancer Institute used the tag line, " Just Cure It." Ring any bells. On top of those events, our Federal Relations Director was in town from Washington DC. And finally, J and I's little ZoZo was spayed this week. Needless to say it was busy around here.

So, why did I title this post runner's high??? Well, the one morning I did drag myself out of bed to run before work I felt soooooooo fantastic all day. The other mornings I felt sluggish and tired, probably still recovering from our whirl wind October but probably also because I didn't eat the healthiest this week nor did I get in much exercise. But on Thursday after my 5 miler I felt great, full of energy, light on my feet, well rested and confident. I was certainly riding the runner's high. Even today after my quick and easy 3 miler I feel it. I feel like I accomplished something, even if the rest of my Saturday is filled with chores and catching up on TiVo. I'm does running (or exercise) impact your day-to-day life? Do you notice a change in your mood on days you run/exercise and days you don't?

Sadly, I don't think I'm going to hit my base 20 miles this week. I'm at 8 miles today and have 10 scheduled for tomorrow. But 18 for the week isn't too shabby (though it's no Aron and her crazy 55+ weeks). Last week, I barely missed the target and came in at 19.1! I'm not looking forward to the gray, dreary, rainy forecast predicted for next week BUT I'm hoping my "high" from tomorrow will help fuel me to get out of bed in the mornings next week and run in the mornings, even if it's on the treadmill. Gazelle, HTC, Junk Miles, Ifyoucan' are you guys coping with the Portland rain? We should plan a group run sometime!