Monday, October 13, 2008

Race Report

J and I traveled to Spokane, Washington to visit with my cousin and his fiancé AND run the Spokane festival of races. I ran the 5 miler (though I probably should have run the ½ since I technically had 10 miles on my Healdsburg Training plan scheduled) and J ran the ½ marathon (like the dedicated little runner he is). I was all set to really race this race something I haven’t done in awhile since I’ve been experimenting with the longer distance races. I was hoping for a 52-53 minute finish (which equates to 10:40 mm, which ain’t fast but better than my marathon pace). Two things de-railed this plan:

1) My pants! (I now know all too well why articles always warn to “test run” your race outfit. My brand new Lululemon capris, which for those of you who know that brand know they aren’t cheap, are a little too big and kept falling down. This meant I was constantly pulling them up so people behind me didn’t have to see my underwear or worse, my butt crack! Some guy even stopped to ask me if I was okay. I must have looked really funny for someone to ask me if I was okay.)

2) WARNING! this may be a bit TMI. At mile 3ish nature called in an abrupt and most serious way. Lucky for me at mile 3ish there was a conveniently located port-a-potty open for business. I have NEVER had to stop in the middle of workout to use the bathroom-EVER!
My 3 minute jaunt to the port-a-potty and my constant pant pulling up cost me about 3-4 minutes and thus I ended with a time of 57:49. The good news is that when I was running and not bothered by my pants or my intestines I was consistently running about a 10:35 pace. Right where I wanted to be!

J, true to form, used the ½ as a training run and came in comfortably in 1:45. They staggered the start of all three races: the marathon, the ½ and the 5 mile. I still finished well before J arrived and had time to take a pic. (Will post later.) It was dang cold! At the race start it was in the high 20’s…yes, you heard me 20’s! BRRRRRRRRR! If there were pictures of me, I might have had to pull a POM and sensor them.

The weekend was lots of fun. I didn’t really know what to expect from Spokane but I was pleasantly surprised. My cousin lives in a cute part of town with older houses built near the turn of the century. (In fact, J saw one that he really liked and our jaws dropped when we saw the listed price was only $189,000.) I was expecting a smallish, very hippie town and what I got was a larger city (upwards of 250,000 including the surrounding towns) with a funky but fun vibe, surrounded by really pretty mountains. I wouldn’t want to jump up and move but it was a cute city. I do need to point out that it was sunny ALL weekend. Might have been cold but the sun was out in full force just the way I like it!

Today was supposed to be 2 miles with the dog but instead I’m stuck at work giving a presentation until 7:30pm…then at puppy training til 9:00pm. Tomorrow is weights and 3 miles! Healdsburg is around the corner!

Hope everyone that raced this weekend did well, especially all of the first time marathoners. I know quite a few people racing this coming weekend in San Francisco…I hope your hydration and carbo loading is going well.