Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm old...

Well, not really but when my arthritis acts up I feel like I'm an 80 year old grandma. Yes, you heard right arthritis...AND yes, I am only 26! I actually developed arthritis before age 20. How, you ask? Because I'm stubborn! I fell down some stairs my first week I lived in the dorms in college (completely sober I might add) and broke my foot. However, due to my stubbornness, I walked on it, I ran on it, I continued to train with the waterpolo team and didn't go to the doctor for about a month. Then, the kicker. I followed the doctors orders for the first month or so but once the "boot" (i.e. the walking cast) came off I went back to my routine. Thus, developing stress fractures. I didn't take care of the stress fractures and now have a chunk of permanent scar tissue built up in my left foot which caused premature arthritis.

What does all of this mean? Most of the time, it's just a slight pain and sometimes not even noticeable. However, when the weather gets colder and I wear heels at work everyday (most of the time I wear heels 80% of the time) it gets very painful!

What this means for my running? Tonight I took the dog for a 4.5 mile run. There were quite a few stops, puppy bladder, but all in all a pretty good run. I averaged (the running portion) about a 10:18 mm. But now, I'm in pain. The temperatures have been dropping and the arthritis is acting up. Time to start taking the Motrin, icing the foot and most importantly, wearing flats to work. The GOOD NEWS, this means shoe shopping!

Anyway, enough whining about my old lady feet. I've been thinking a lot about goals (not sure if anyone notice but I deleted the sidebar with my "ambitious aspirations"). My mid-week running has been slacking I've decided to make it a goal to run at a minimum 20 miles per week. I'd love to break 1000 miles for 2008 (I'm currently at 648). It might be possible since I have a marathon in mid-January so November and December will likely be high mileage months. I've decided to take one goal at a time. So, minimum 20 miles per week!

Also, as a side note, I've been thinking a lot about how much fun it would be to have a blogger meetup and all run a marathon (or half marathon) together. Any thoughts on this idea? Any marathons come to mind? I was thining maybe in Fall 2009/Winter give us all time to think about a marathon, save up money to travel and to create training plans. However, I am already registered for Arizona in January and San Diego at the end of May (I think Gazelle's is already thinking about running this one).