Monday, October 20, 2008

Goal set, goal made (at least in week 1)

First, I want to say that I am absolutely thrilled to have so many bloggers interested in the fall 2009 blogger marathon meet up. So far, it looks like October and November are winning out over Dec/Jan. In a couple of weeks I’ll post a more compressive list of Oct/Nov marathons. I personally think if we are going to do a meet up we should: a) avoid marathons with a lottery entry system (that would suck if some people were accepted and others were left out) and b) make sure there is a half marathon option too. Like I said, I’ll post a more comprehensive list in a couple of weeks.

Now for goals…well…I made a goal last week to maintain a 20 mile minimum per week schedule. Week 1 = goal achieved! I’m no Aron (running an impressive 51 miles last week) or Kristen (racing a century ride on Saturday and running Nike Women’s ½ on Sunday) but 20 miles is better than my current average. I can’t say my 20 miles were pretty miles but I did get them done, including a 4-miler last night after being out-of-town on Saturday. This week I’m hoping to go over 20 miles…probably not too difficult since I have the Healdsburg 1/2 on Saturday. I have an easy 3 miles scheduled for this evening (I used to be a morning exerciser but lately I cannot seem to get my booty out of bed…I blame the cold, dark, winter-like mornings).

In other goals news, I have decided to join Jenn’s 21 day habit challenge. What this means for me is, for the next 21 days I’m making a new habit of not eating processed sugar! I’m allowing bread (as long as it’s not sugary bread, i.e. cinnamon bagels, etc). What I’m NOT allowing myself is: ice-cream, cookies, cake, sugar on my oatmeal, cereal that has sugar listed as one of the first 4 ingredients, hot chocolate, pumpkin spice lattes (I know this is cruel), any specialty coffee that isn’t sugar free, granola bars (I haven’t found any that don’t have sugar as one of the first 4 ingredients), etc…you get the picture. The exceptions: Propel/Gatorade and gels during runs. Until November 10th no processed sugar for me! My hope is that after 21 days sans processed sugar I will no longer crave those sugary items and I can enjoy them occasionally but not feel like I need to have something sweet every day.

Here’s to getting through (almost) another manic Monday!