Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Thanks for all the encouragement everyone! I really appreciate all the comments to my last post. I am feeling better today...though not 100%. I am hoping to make it to crazyweights tomorrow morning but don't be mad HTC and Gazelle's if I flake. I WILL get in at least one run before the Sunday 5-miler. I'm really dying to get out there again, especially since I have a new running outfit. I heard from a few of you that sometimes running makes you feel better. In high school and part of college (back in my neurotic eating habits and exercising days) I worked out when sick and I don't ever remember it making me feel worse. For some reason it's harder to find the motivation these days.

Haven't posted a pic of the doggie lately so here is one of Zoey and I yesterday...she was keeping me company while I was sleeping my sickness away on the couch.