Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cold has hit

The title has two meanings. 1) The cold weather has hit the Northwest meaning it's time to break out my running gloves and tights. 2) A cold has hit me, again! I started to feel a bit sickish on Sunday evening but thought I was just tired (you know, all that marathon spectating just took it out of me). By Monday morning my throat was throbbing and I could feel the flem forming in my nose—YUCK! Mid-morning at work I was sweating and feeling flu-ish. I thought going to bed last night at 7:45-8:00 was going to help but I feel just as yucky this morning. Unfortunately, things at work have been crazy busy (I guess that's not really new) so I feel like I can't really miss a day. (Lately, I haven't had time to read blogs/write posts over lunch, I've been working over lunch!) I haven't been able to run this week…I had scheduled runs for Monday and tomorrow (Wednesday)…remember I'm still on my ½ marathon plan until October 27th then I start my Arizona plan. Blah, Blah, Blah…enough whining about being sick.

In running news, I have a 5-mile race coming up on Sunday…I was hoping to stay under an 11 min mile but since there will probably be little to no running this week I'm unsure how that will pan out. I really was excited about running this week too…I got new shoes at the expo (even though I felt like a poser going there since I wasn't running the Portland Marathon). Along with my shoes they gave me free socks and a free running shirt—so cool. I also bought a hand held sport bottle. I have a water belt but for shorter distances I don't like to take it. After the expo I went to Lululemon and helped a friend pick out her marathon outfit for the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco…of course, I had to try some stuff on too and ended up with a pair of running capris that are fab-u-lous. On top of all my new running stuff I also made my Arizona marathon plan and had a renewed excitement about running. THEN...the cold hit. I know they say and by they, I mean the internet and magazine articles, that you can run/exercise if your sickness is from the neck up i.e. a head cold. (They say to steer clear of exercise is your symptoms are from the neck down.) Technically, I could have run yesterday since my throat hurt and I had a headache…today is another story. I'm achy everywhere. I'm confident I'll be better by race day…and I better be feeling 100% next week since it's getting close to ½ marathon time. I'm determined to PR…not a difficult feat since my first (and only, if you don't count the marathon, which was faster) ½ was 3 hours. I didn't train…well, I sporadically trained how 'bout. I'm hoping for 2:30 or better.

Enough whining for the day. Today is another day and in the words of Runner's World "Someday I will not be able to do this. Today is not that day."