Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blogger Marathon Meet Up Fall/Winter 2009/2010

After meeting several bloggers at the Portland Marathon (I didn’t run, I was a spectator), I got to thinking about organizing a blogger marathon meet up. I was thinking about next fall or winter (2009/2010). This would give us time to create training plans, recover from spring/summer marathons and save up moo-lah for traveling.

Here are a few Fall/Winter marathon options:

Nike Women’s Marathon (San Francisco, CA)
Cape Cod Marathon (Falmouth, MA)
Marine Corps Marathon (Washington, DC)
Chicago Marathon (Chicago, IL)
Twin Cities Marathon (Minneapolis/St Paul, MN)

RnR San Antonio (San Antonio, TX)
Philadelphia Marathon (Philadelphia, PA)
New York City Marathon (New York, NY) --this would be a bit tricky given the lottery selection process but it could be done.

California International Marathon (Sacramento, CA)
Las Vegas Marathon (Las Vegas, NV)

Disney World Marathon (Orlando, FL)
Miami Beach Marathon (Miami, FL)

Obviously, we'll need to narrow down the field. Let's choose the marathon month first. I added a side bar poll, please vote for your month preference for the marathon meet up! I’m excited this is going to be fun! Feel free to advertise this meet up on your own blogs...the more the merrier!