Sunday, October 5, 2008

Arizona RnR Plan

As I stood in the rain (yes, it's that season here) and watched POM rock her marathon this morning, Gazelle's and Junk Miles reminded me that I made the commitment to post my Arizona RnR Plan by Monday. Eek! I had only filled in the long run mileage not the mid-week strategy/cross training. So I spent a couple of hours this afternoon reading through Hal Higdon's Novice 2 plan, creating a couple of SmartCoach plans and re-reading a few chapters from, "The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer." Alas, my first draft training plan is below (and I say "draft" only b/c I like to color code things and add in fun little messages/quotes especially on long run days that way the calendar stays interesting and I'm more likely to look at it and more importantly, FOLLOW it). The quality isn't the best here since i had to convert my word doc to a pdf and then the pdf to a jpeg to post it on the blog. (Technology!)

In the words of POM (who btw, is just as cool of a chick in person as on her blog hopefully someone will post pics from the Blogger Meet Up) here is ZE Plan for my second marathon the Arizona Rock n Roll Marathon in January 2009!

*Given that I'll be training during the holidays and in CA for Christmas I'll likely need to modify the weights and yoga during holiday weeks. I'm thinking I might bring my yoga DVD to CA...though it's hard to find space to do yoga in a house full of family members.*