Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend Update

Last week, I only got in one during the week run. Guess that isn’t uncommon on the weeks’ I have my night meetings (i.e. the first week of every month I have a standing meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday from 7-9pm). I did get in quite a few walks with the hubby and the puppy. But as I have said before, walking is not running.

Anyway, I kicked off the weekend well with a Bikram session and all of its sweaty glory. It was as stated, sweaty and glorious. I signed for a 10-class card and am committed to once a week, though this week might be a challenge with my trip to CA Friday – Monday (hooray).

Saturday we took the pup for a LOOONG walk in the morning, 4.4 miles! We got coffee along the way and stopped at two geocaches, found them both! The rest of Saturday was filled with catching up on magazine reading, I was two Runner’s World’s behind, and relaxing. After dinner we took the pup for another walk, not as long, and ran into this older lady and her shitsu. Now, mind you, J and I DO NOT like small dogs (sorry to any of you Yorgi owners) but little GiGi is such a well behaved, calm pup. We’ve run into this pair a few times before, it is really amazing how many people you meet when you have a dog. Anyway, I digress.

Sunday, J got up to do his long run in the early morning and I stayed home with the pup and made pumpkin bread. (I may be a summer girl but I love fall pumpkins---I love pumpkin anything…pumpkin soup, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pasta, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin ice cream, plain cooked pumpkin…etc.) After the bread was done I decided to try to take Zoey for a run. I thought maybe if I did a short loop by the house I could drop her off partway if it wasn’t working and take off for the rest of my run. Well…she made it about a mile and then the running became, stop, sniff, run, stop sniff, pee, stop, sniff, lay down, stop, sniff, poop, repeat. I think it was pretty good considering that was her first run. There is hope for her. I did make it through the rest of my run but later that afternoon. I went 7.5 miles out of the scheduled 8. Tired, hot and out of water—hence, the shortened run. I started off my Monday well…up at 5:15 am and out for a 3 mile-ish run (I say –ish b/c I forgot the Garmin and ran solely based on time…but I would imagine it was about 3 miles. Hopefully, no long drawn out work days this week.