Monday, September 1, 2008

ME Time

One reason I like running (and working out in general) is it gives me, me time. Me time is that special time where I don't have to answer to anyone except mind can wander. I can think or let my mind go blank. I LOVE me time (as I'm sure many of you do too). The reason I'm blogging about me time is because this weekend was filled with a lot of non-me time...however, the time I spent yesterday running my 6 miles was glorious, uninterrupted me time. J so graciously took care of keeping our guests occupied while I took to the streets. My run was slow and felt hard (especially b/c the route I took was the hilly route) BUT it was also wonderful! I went slower than I wanted and had to take a few walk breaks (more than I would have liked). I was supposed to do the 6 miles at an 11:13 pace, which lately I've been maintaining 10:45 or less, but yesterday it was a slow 11:53 pace. Today, I've been cleaning up the house. Though, J and I went for a nice long walk this morning with Zoey. In fact, it was the longest walk she's ever been on 3.5 miles...pretty far for a 3 month old =). The rest of the day is being filled with the joys of laundry, dishes and scrubbing bathrooms. I love having guests but this has been a month of almost non-stop guest weekends, I'm excited to have a little bit of a break and to be a guest (we're going to visit J's parents in a couple of weekends to introduce them to Zoey). It'll be nice to have a short work week despite it being a busy one. I'm supposed to get in a short 2.5 mile "recovery" run today...I was also going to swim at the gym but I think I'll be lucky to get in the 2.5. I have crazyweights planned for tomorrow and Thursday (with Gazelle's). A pyramid fartlek session on Wednesday. A shortish run on Friday and a long run next Sunday (when the weather is supposed to get back to the 80s...YAY...I could see my breath this morning on our walk, that did not make me happy). So, I should be adding some nice miles to the Bad Girls team! YAY!

Hope everyone is enjoying Labor Day! I'm just happy not to be laboring away at work =).