Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Long weekends, lots of driving and Tornados!

Lots going on in the world of the ambitious! Last week, I went to CrazyWeights after a month and a half hiatus. It was great! I saw all sorts of Portland bloggers, yay! (I'm hoping they will be around for the weeks to come to help keep me motivated to feel the burn.) I also joined the Muffin Meltdown...so hopefully I'll stay on track! Last week was a great exercise week, I did all my runs (except my Friday two miler, my 11 hour drive to California put a damper on that aspiration). My Sunday long run of 10 miles went great! Woo-hoo!!!!!!

California was great! Seeing family and friends is always worth the drive. Here are a few pics.

Zoey made friends with Apollo (our friends' dog).

Clearly, he's a bit bigger than Zoey. (He's lab and great dane!)

She also learned how to play in the water.

This week is off to a rough start. Monday was blown driving back, yes another 11 hour road trip. Tuesday I was just tired and I came home to a TORNADO (see below...poor shoes, RIP).

Today I got back on the wagon again and did a speedy (for me) 3.5 miles (35:23). And tomorrow I'll be at crazyweights with Gazelle's and HTC (if she's not gallivanting around the country). Next week I'll be in DC on a business trip, hopefully I can get in a few more good runs this week before I head out on Sunday.