Saturday, September 27, 2008

Back from Business Trip Hiatus

No I didn’t drop off the face of the earth…I was on a business trip in Washington DC last week. Being there I remembered how much I love that city. Since I work in government relations its like a perpetual rush being so close to all the decision makers (whether I like them and agree with them or not—right now if you couldn’t tell…it’s a NOT). I did a TON of networking which is good in case I decide to ever move back (I lived there in college for a few month while doing an exchange/internship program). My heart will always be in California but if I can’t be in Cali being in DC would be pretty cool (though I’m not I could convince political cynic J to move there). Sorry for not leaving comments on anyone’s blogs, I’m just now catching up. I hate when I don’t have time to read your blogs…you guys motivate me and inspire me to try new things. (Maybe that’s why I didn’t get any running in????) Yes, you hear correctly, Alisa didn’t do any running in DC. I had great hopes and dreams of running along the mall staring at two of my favorite monuments (Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument) but alas I was in meetings almost all day every day and the evenings were spent with a co-worker and her family (i.e. her adorable twins and her husband who has a cat named M.C., My Cat). Oh well…another day another new beginning.

Speaking of new beginnings. Today is 16 weeks before the Arizona Rock n Roll Marathon. This means, it’s time to finish creating my marathon plan. I decided I’m going to finish up my current half marathon plan (for Healdsburg) and then pick up the marathon plan when the half plan is done. As I’ve said before creating the plans sometimes is more fun than actually completing them. I find extra motivation in setting goals. I think I’m going to create a custom “Alisa Plan” from Hal Higdon, Runner’s World and from my very first marathon book “The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer.” I hope to have some version of the plan posted on the blog by next weekend! Stay tuned. (Maybe I can get some of the other Portland bloggers to join me for some training runs…I’d love some running partners. I can’t run with J, he’s too fast…he runs 7:30/8:00 mm, I’m a 10:45-11:00 mm. The bike trail that I recently discovered, is a fun, FLAT, place to get in runs…I’d even be willing to drive…anyone up for it?)

Next weekend, is the Portland Marathon (which I am not participating in…I only run races in sunny places where the chance of rain is minimal) BUT P.O.M. is running the race. I suggested to her in a comment on her last post that maybe we (meaning the Portland blogger community) could have some sort of meet up while she is in town. HTC, Junk Miles and Gazelle’s what do you think? Are any of you in town next week?

I should probably get back to playing catch up. Catching up on TiVo’d shows…yay for Fall premiers (while I’m a summer girl and always will be there are a few things about the Fall I’m realizing are pretty fantastic…pumpkins (duh), fall leaves (cliché), fall tv premieres, lighting candles (too hot in the summer) and new clothes (though every season is a reason for new clothes)). Have a 5 miler planned for this weekend…maybe today maybe tomorrow not sure yet—BUT it WILL get done!