Monday, August 25, 2008

The weekend life...ahhhh

Despite the weather on Sunday starting to hint at Fall (YUCK! I'm a summer girl!) and sky filled with clouds and raindrops I still had a great weekend. Saturday J and I took Zoey for her first long walk and our first geocaching session. (If you listen to 4 feet running then you know what I'm talking about, if not, well, you should!) The first few minutes of the walk we struggled to get her walking in the direction we were going but after that, she did great. We walked to this little eccentric coffee place about a mile away, with one stop for a geocache along the way. I thought for sure we would have to carry her on the way back but she was a little trooper. The rest of Saturday she slept the day away. This was excellent since I spent the rest of the day shopping (YAY) and beautifying (i.e. getting my hair done). J was able to relax and do what boys do (i.e. pay video games).
Sunday we woke to partly cloudy skies and the looks of rain. Zoey woke us up pretty early so we took advantage of the non-rain and went for another long walk. Today was my day to be on puppy duty so I was hoping after another walk she'd sleep. The rest of Sunday was pretty uneventful. It was filled with cleaning, laundry and the grocery store (like most Sundays). I was trying to get as much stuff done before my long run since I knew afterwards I wouldn't want to do anything! Sadly, since I was working on the house for so long the partly cloudy skies turned to rain...I don't run in the rain unless I absolutely have to. So, I hit the treadmill for my 7 mile run--the longest since the marathon in June. I have been keeping my runs short to work on my speed (which has been improving). 7 miles went by in flash, watching men's waterpolo certainly helped (I love the Olympics). I kept my 10:45 - 10:50 pace until the last mile. Mile 6-7 was filled with walk legs were tired...I was tired...and waterpolo was over (BMX biking just doesn't do it for me). All in all, I finished and that is what counts. I'm not even that sore this morning! I have a 2 mile recovery run which I'll do later tonight. I was hoping to make yoga but I don't think its going to work in my schedule today (sorry Gazelle's).

Sunday: 7 miles in 77 min 35 sec (just off 11 min pace...up to 6 miles was at a 10:47 pace)

"What's under that rock? I smell something."

"Let me get a little closer!"