Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend in a nutshell

Let’s see, this weekend I went camping, cleaned the whole house and did 5 loads of laundry on Sunday after camping to get ready for our unexpected (but very welcomed) company…AND…I ran 6 miles. Last week was a whirlwind of a week. Long hours at work + little pup + PMS = little/no working out, loss of sleep and crankiness. However, all of that went away this weekend. While the campground left a lot to be desired (mostly b/c it was overly crowded and right next the freeway) we still had a great time with Zoey and my two co-workers. On Saturday morning we decided to hit the trail and go for a hike. Not knowing how Zoey would react, since she’d never been hiking before, we were prepared to carry her or turn around after 10-15 minutes. What we learned is that we have a little trooper on our hands. It was actually pretty pathetic that our little 8 pound dog was out hiking us. The trail wasn’t too long, I’d say 4 miles roundtrip or less, BUT a) that’s pretty far for a little puppy, b) it was almost straight up the whole way there and we can’t forget, c) it was hotter than hell! (Just the way I like it but I’m not covered in dark fur.) However, she was a trooper! After all that hiking you’d think we’d give her the rest of the day off…nope we took her swimming later that afternoon! I wouldn’t say she loved it but I think she had fun digging in the sand. Saturday night, we all slept VERY well!

Sunday morning we received a call from J’s oldest sister saying that she and her family (3 kids + a husband) were going to be in our neck of the woods and were wondering if they could crash at our place. Of course we said, YES definitely, as it’s always good to see family. However, I then remembered that with my hellish work week I hadn’t washed a dish, done an ounce of laundry or picked up any of my clothes from around the house in about a week. We scurried home and I transformed into a real life Cinderella (without all the birds, bunnies and deer helping me clean). The pup, still exhausted from the day before, did lots of sleeping =). (Little did she know there were going to be 3 kids under 8 coming to play with her.) Somehow, I managed to clean the bathrooms, make up the guest room, do 5 loads of laundry, wash the dishes, pick up my clothes AND go for a 6 mile run all before our guests arrived---GO ME! Again, after all that, it was another great night’s sleep!

I’m off to a good start this week…with my 6 miler yesterday, which was on my half marathon plan, and my 2.5 recovery today/Bikram tonight, I’m doing well.