Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend fun

Couple of cool things happened this weekend.
1. Went to Bikram with Gazlle’s (more on this later)
2. Got in a Sunday run (yay!)
3. Got my IPHONE (double-yay, love it, love it, love it)
4. Had a BBQ

While the BBQ derailed my calorie watching a bit, I did get in two good sweat-fests this weekend, starting with the ultimate sweat-fest Bikram! I went to one class when I lived in Boston, mostly b/c it was the winter, 10 below and I thought anywhere that’s 100 degrees would be awesome! The class in Boston was not a good one for beginners. It was fast paced and full of experienced Yogis (read POM here!). However, the class Gazelle’s and I went to was AWESOME. The instructor was great, the people friendly—heck they even clapped at the end of class for us, how awesome is that??!!! We both signed up for the introductory package which includes 1 month of unlimited classes. I’m hoping to incorporate Bikram into my routine at least a couple times a week for the next month (then we’ll see how it goes and how much there is in my wallet to add it in permanently). I will say POM was right, there were some scantily clad folks. I realize it’s hotter than hell in there but really super short running shorts for men is NOT flattering! It also had a bit of a stank but really not too bad. If it was, my sensitive sniffer would have be outta there! (Gazelle’s when are we goin’ back!? HOTC, you should join us sometime.)

Bikram started off my Saturday and running started off my Sunday---hooray! Finally! Add to that the run I did this morning and I’m back in the game…YAY! I’m also consciously trying to eat better, watch my snacking and eat more fruits/veggies. Other than the chips and guacamole I had yesterday (oh yeah and the HOMEMADE ice cream, did I mention I have a gourmet as a husband?) I think the weekend was pretty good eating-wise. I’ll be posting on Wednesday my Friday – Wednesday journal. I think I’m going to continue this, maybe not make full posts out of it, but continue to post my food journal once a week or so.

It’s Monday sadly, we all have a week of the grind ahead of us. Sad…but at least now I can read all of your blogs via my Iphone while I sit in meetings.