Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Re-cap of Just Another Manic Monday

Now that I have that lovely Bangles song stuck in all of your heads…I’ll tell you why it was so manic! Always on Monday’s, I come in to work with at least 20 emails waiting for me. I do have a smart phone but I refuse to check work email on the weekends (unless they start paying me a heck of a lot more). Not only did I have 30+ emails but I also have 5 voicemails (this is rare, most people around my work use email exclusively). Furthermore, I had meetings in the morning until the lunch hour. While it might have been a bit manic, I LOVE being busy—I HATE being bored. Being bored at work is the worst, you start thinking of all the fun things you could be doing but can’t since you’re on the clock and can’t leave even though you have nothing to do. Luckily, with my job I’m rarely, if ever, bored.

To add to the manic-ness of yesterday, I did a double workout! I did 2.5 recovery run in the morning, followed by 20 minutes of intervals on the stepmill (I swear that thing is the hardest machine at the gym) then, I did a 90 minute Bikram session with the Gazelle! The morning workout was great. After my equally manic weekend, it was great to sweat and release some of the built up tension. Bikram last night was just hard! The first class didn’t seem so hard but last night was rough. I wanted water after like the first pose but they don’t let you drink until after the third pose. And it STUNK like no other. Last week, the smell wasn’t bad…yesterday it smelled something horrific! On top of that, I seemed extra sweaty for some reason. The whole class I kept having sweat drip into my eyes—YUCK! Next time I’m wearing one of those 1980’s sweat bands like Richard Simmons. (One place, maybe the only place, I don’t care about fashion is working out. Well, maybe I care a little but I would wear an 80’s sweat band to Bikram if it kept the sweat out of my eyes.) Anyway, after my double session yesterday, I was starving and ate (probably a little too much) leftover Thai food, but mmmmmmmmm it was good. I also drank about a gallon of water. Didn’t make it to weights this morning, too tired! I really miss that class too. I’m hoping to get in a few pushups/crunches and lunges tonight while watching the Olympics.