Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pyramid Fartleks & Family Photo

My week has been a continuation of my manic monday...BUT...I am happy to report I've gotten in all my runs! I can't say I made it to weights this week but hey, at least I've been running.

I did speedwork yesterday on the treadmill since it was raining! Yes folks, don't believe what they tell you that Oregon has nice summers---it still rains! In fact, the weather has been rather crazy. June was frigid (read: nothing above 65-70) and rainy, July was mostly nice (though I was in Hawaii for 2 weeks, even nicer there) and August, well...last week it was high 80's (ahh), then the weekend was 100+ (Yay) then come Monday it dropped 40 degrees and has rained all week. Alright, alright enough complaining about the weather. So anyway...back to the treadmill. Since I'm still pretty new to speedwork I've been trying pyramid fartleks (where my sprints get incrementally faster until the peak then they slow). Yesterday I did 4 miles and it went something like this...

Mile 1 @ 10:45

Mile 2 (first .25 @ 10:30, second @ 10:00, third 9:50, fourth @ 9:36)

Mile 3 (first .25 @ 9:05, second @ 9:36, third 9:50, fourth 10:00)

Mile 4 (first .25 @ 10:30, the rest of the .75 @ 10:45)

All in all, I thought it was a good run. Since I couldn't get out of bed early I ran last night. Watching the Olympics sure helps keep me motivated! (I keep thinking, "dang, I wish I looked like the beach volleyball girls!")

Today was supposed to be a weights day but again I couldn't get out of bed this morning to go! Grrr! So, I took the day off.

Tomorrow is 2-4 miles (my Friday schedule is a little flexible, not usually how I do my schedules but with this half marathon plan I left Friday's a range of miles instead of exact mileage and speed). Saturday is Bikram (hopefully, maybe Gazelle's will be feeling better by then, poor girl is having a rough week). Sunday is long run 7 miles this week.

Hope everyone is having a good training week. I'm happy that I've been getting in my runs (despite missing some weights days, HTC when are you coming back so you can keep me accountable to the morning class!?).

Below is a puppy picture, I know Strugglepants requested pictures with every post =). This is our first family photo, taken at the top of Mitchell Point lookout. Zoey is showing off what a great hiking stud-ette she is!