Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

Sadly no, it's Thursday! Training for the week has been a bit all over the place. I have gotten in a lot of walking with Zoey! Now that she’s a little bigger she’s learning to walk pretty well on the leash. However, walking is NOT running. While I love getting to work at 7:30am or earlier since it means I can leave at 3:30 or 4:00pm…I haven’t been able to force myself up in the mornings to workout at 5am and are subsequently missing some of my workouts! Working out after work is hard since I rush home to be with Zoey while Justin is at school and I don’t want to leave her a) b/c she’s so darn cute and b) b/c she’s been left for most of the day already. I can’t blame all of my missed workouts on Zoey, it is most definitely my fault too. I’ve been thinking about changing my work schedule around a little bit, instead of coming in at 7:30…maybe coming in at 8:00 or 8:30…this would allow for a workout in the morning without having to get up at 5am. I could get up at 6:00 (still early but much more reasonable) and workout and make it in by 8:00/8:30 no problem. My worry is the evening. I wouldn’t get home until after 5:00pm. Blah…these are all things I’ll need to wrestle with, especially when my marathon training starts up again in September. So far this week, 3 decent walks with Zoey, 2 for an hour or more! One run 3.5 miles (last night) @ 10:41 pace. This was supposed to be a 6 miler to make up for the 3 miles I didn’t run Monday but since I didn’t get to start my run until 8:00pm I was too tired to go any further than 3.5. Sadly, looking at my buckeye log, I haven’t done weights or abs in over a month! This is NOT good! I can feel my arms turning to mush…HTC we need to commit to crazy weights =)…I need you there motivating me!

I have weights supposedly today and 3 miles tomorrow (which I will be tacking on the additional 2.5 from Monday). We have more company coming this weekend but I should be able to get my Sunday run. Hopefully, we’ll be doing more walking with the pup. Pup update, she got sick last night making it a long night for J and I. Poor thing had some sort of puppy flu thing…NOT fun (for her or us). It was so sad when she would come up from downstairs and curl up on her bed and shiver =(. I gave her another blanket and closed the window but she was still shivering---poor thing. She has her second puppy visit tonight with the vet, hopefully we’ll find out she’s okay and just ate too much grass/weeds on her walk last night. As promised here is another puppy pic (I’m keeping them coming Strugglepants!).

This is Zoey watching the DNC with me...she takes after her Dad.