Friday, August 29, 2008

I *HEART* politics

This post will be a departure from my usual training anecdotes and on one of my favorite topics (but I realize not everyone’s favorite topic so readers beware) POLITICS. I admit it, I am a political junkie. Not only do I work in the world of government relations but I also graduated from undergraduate and graduate school with degrees in political science. For me, the election season is akin to football/baseball season for most American males. I get hooked early in the season. I read about politics on the web, I listen to political podcasts, I watch the National Conventions and I have witty banter with my co-workers (to tell us folks in the field of government relations that we can’t talk about politics in the workplace would like saying to a baseball coach, you can’t talk about baseball, the strategies and intricacies of plays while coaching—it would be a complete contradiction). The most exciting season for us political junkies is election season and the best of the election seasons (like in sports, read Olympics) come around every 4 years! From now until November 4th I’ll be tuned in to the poll numbers and rooting for my candidate (who shall remain nameless)—one thing I learned in graduate school is to never let your audience know your political leanings, the professor, or in my case the TA, were to remain neutral and unbiased—did it work?! In graduate school, I knew the most about the international political figures since I was primarily studying comparative international politics. Now, my focus is on national politics with an emphasis on state and local government. One thing I’ve noticed working at the more local level is that politics really is a dog-eat-dog profession. At least in this state, many of the “rules” of the political world the text books teach you are long gone. Furthermore, in a not-so-populous everyone knows everyone and the only way to get ahead is to have the “connections.” Sadly, living in the state for less than a year my “connections” are somewhat limited. However, I think I’ve positioned myself well to make the contacts. This post really has no point and therefore no reason for anyone to read it BUT if any of you are reading and are yearning for a political debate, I’m your gal! (Right Gazelle’s?) I’ll try to keep my excitement for politics to a minimum throughout the next couple of months as I’m sure many of you read the title of this post, rolled your eyes and moved on to the next blog you read.