Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I have a plan (or at least have started one)

I LOOOOOVE my new iphone, however, I’m still getting used to its features, like the alarm clock. Case in point, this morning I set the alarm for 4:50am (yes, that early). Setting the alarm at 4:50am would allow plenty of time to take Zoey out for a bathroom break, change my clothes, brush the teeth/hair and get out the door for crazy weights. Well, 4:50am rolled around and I, like Gazelle’s stayed up a little too late watching the Olympics and hit the snooze, or so I thought. Instead I think I hit turn off and of course fell back to sleep. Luckily, I work up without the alarm with enough time to shower/get ready and take Zoey out. Sadly, I missed crazy weights. You’re thinking, you call it crazy weights and you’re sad that you missed it? Yes! It is a great class; it’s a combo of aerobics and weights (aka the best of both worlds). Since I missed my opportunity to get in a workout this morning I probably won’t get a workout in today. I have evening duty with the pup since J always takes the mornings (since his morning schedule is usually a bit more flexible than mine). Since we leave her alone during the afternoon when I get home I feel like she deserves all of my attention. As long as I get in my runs this week I’ll be happy! I can probably sneak in a few sets of arm weights and lunges while watchin’ the munchkin tonight. I tried to do abs with her around once but she tends to pounce on people when they are down at her level.

In other running news, I’m working on finalizing my marathon training plan. Last time I used good ‘ol Hal Higdon’s beginner plan. This time around I’m planning to modify his plan just a tad, adding in some speedwork/tempo runs. I think I’m going to stick with the 4 runs a week plan, more than that and I think I would be tempted to skip runs…less and I wouldn’t feel prepared. I’m going to commit myself to doing yoga at least twice a week, especially on Monday’s after my Sunday long runs (and probably on Friday’s too, to help relax from the work week). I’m also committed to weights once or twice a week (depending on the mileage, in high mileage weeks I’ll probably just do weights once a week). This means that I’ll be doing doubles on Friday’s and on Tuesday or Thursday. Friday’s I’ll be putting in double workouts, runs in the morning and yoga in the evening (hopefully Gazelle’s and HOTC can join me) and Tuesday or Thursday, weights in the morning and run in the evening. Saturday’s will be rest day and Monday’s will be a recovery/stretching day with another round of yoga (also, hoping Gazelle’s and HOTC can join me). Tentatively, my schedule will look something like this:

Monday: Yoga
Tuesday: Weights/Run
Wednesday: Run (speedwork/tempo/fartlek)
Thursday: Weights/Run
Friday: Run and Yoga
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Long Run

I get so jazzed about running when I’m creating my plans. Sometimes I think I get more excited about creating a training plan than I do actually running the race =). More to come on the marathon plan in the next few weeks.

I’ll leave you all with this article J sent me, it’s another reason to keep running: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080811/hl_nm/age_running_dc