Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Backslider (and the pup!)

Well, I was on the wagon and now I'm off again (I'm a backslider...ugh, I hate backsliding politicians and now I'm a backsliding exerciser.) However, I did have a GREAT weekend. My Dad and Stepmom were here. We went hiking, we tried to see the RedBull Flugtag event (meaning we went but there were soooo many people we ended up staying 20 min and leaving), we saw The Dark Knight (it was great…wow Heath Ledger is amazing), we went to a AAA baseball game and…we got our Zoey!

Sadly, the weekend didn’t include any runs. I did hike and I’ve walked the dog (i.e. I’ve carried the dog up and down stairs). Does that count? Also, I gave up on the food journal for the week (sorry guys) I’m going to try to start it up again today! But I WILL be reporting next Wednesday! (Though you guys will have to help keep me accountable.) I’m thinking to make things easier on myself, I’ll post on Saturday and then on Wednesday. This will help keep me accountable. I wish there was a way for me to import my fitday journal to the blog. Marcy, is there a way to link the two? I’m getting a little nervous about Healdsburg and Spokane. I need to get back on the running wagon. Will I see anyone at Crazy Weights tomorrow? GOC or HTC???

I want to send a BIG shout out to RunnersRambles, she ran the SF Marathon over the weekend and did awesome! Congratulations!

To POM, Gazelle’s and I are doing Bikram this Saturday in your honor =). (HTC, if you're in town, you're totally invited too!)

Here are some pics of the pup (who isn’t letting me sleep the whole night which in turn doesn’t let me get up at 5am and go to the gym…BUT…who is totally worth it!):