Friday, August 8, 2008

As promised...

Today I post the first set of food journal results—eeek! Here goes nothing (you guys aren't going to be judgmental are you???)

I’m going to reporting the food item along with the calories, fat and protein (in that order). What you’re going to read below is not the healthiest selections BUT that’s why I have this journal right? To help me make better decisions. You’re not going to judge me are you??!!

Wednesday, August 6th
Wheat Bagel, toasted-dry: 203, 1, 7
Coffee, black: 7,0,0
2 eggs, fried: 181, 14, 12
English muffin, dry, toasted: 136, 1, 4
Gingersnap cookie: 133, 3, 2
Milk, 8 oz: 121, 5, 8
Deli Sandwich (Turkey on wheat, mustard and veggies): 350, 5, 29

Total: 1132, 28, 63
Water total: 60 oz

Thursday, August 7th
Grande Soy Latte: 170, 5, 9
Thai Wrap: 520, 9, 16
All Bran Cereal, 2 cups (told ya, not very healthy we need to go to the store): 317, 4, 15
Milk, 10 oz: 151, 6, 10
Pretzels, 1 cup: 152, 32, 4
Gingersnap cookie: 133, 3, 2
White wine, 6 oz: 120, 0, 0

Totals: 1564, 28, 55
Water Total: 40 oz

Friday, August 8th
Oatmeal, one pack: 160, 3, 7
Coffeemate 3 tbsp.: 120, 6, 0
Coffee (large travel mug): 9, 0, 0
Lunch (no I haven’t eaten this yet, it’s 10:30 am but this is what I will be having):
Turkey Sandwich, wheat bread, mustard, all veggies: 350, 5, 29

Total so far: 639, 14, 36 (I’ll post dinner and water total tonight or tomorrow)

Goals for the weekend and next week:
1. TRAINING SCHEDULE!!! Um yeah, the calorie totals are down b/c my appetite is just not the same when I'm not running. Will get back in the game next week! Starting Saturday with Bikram.

2. Salads! I used to be a huge salad eater! Need to get back on the ball with salad stuff, pre-cutting the veggies and lettuces helps a lot with making it easier.

3. Cook on the weekends and have leftovers, this makes it so I don't have to go out to lunch during the week.

4. Directly tied to #3, go to the store for healthy foods and easy to prepare dinner stuff.

5. Keep up the food journal going for the rest of August.

Anyone have any other words of advice?