Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wagon ride day 2

I'm still on the wagon...yippee! However, I ate absolute crap last night with my Mom, Stepdad, Grandpa and J. Since I knew I probably consumed a million calories, I HAD to get to the gym this morning. (I’ve gotta say I’m not too happy about having to post my fitday food journal results for you all to read on Monday---EEK. With company in town it hasn’t been the best healthy eating week.) This morning I went to crazy weights to try to work off some of last night’s yummy (but fattening) dinner. I haven’t been to Tuesday or Thursday weights since before Hawaii…sadly I had to lower my weight…my arms and legs are a bit giggly and weak =(. The class was great though since I don’t think I would have been able to stay awake on any of the cardio machines this morning. I’m pooped! While this month has been full of really fun adventures (Hawaii, girls weekend and family visits) I’m exhausted! I think that’s part of why I fell off the wagon for a little while. Hopefully I’m back on and will stay on. My Dad and Stepmom arrive Friday and will be here through the weekend. We have some fun events planned. On Saturday we’re going here: (it’s the event where crazy people try to roll down a ramp and “fly”…most just go off the ramp and head first into the water, should be entertaining AND it’s free---YAY). Saturday evening we’re planning to see a AAA baseball game (they often have theme nights at the games, I looked up some of the recent ones, they have a mullet night! HAHA!). Sunday we have a moderate hike planned. I’m going to try to get my long run in on Monday. However, things are going to get a little busy since Zoey arrives on Sunday afternoon. You’re thinking…are you pregnant? You don’t look pregnant in your pictures (and you spent last weekend drinking like a fish)…who is Zoey?

Zoey is...YAY! Finally, we’re getting our puppy. We’ve been talking about Zoey for years. Of course as soon as we get her I’ll post pics, the one above is just a pic I found on the net of a Beagle puppy. I’m hoping she’ll help keep me on the wagon…I’ll need to walk her, take her to the bathroom and play with her! J and I are super excited. We're going puppy shopping tonight...I think it's one shopping trip J will actually participate willingly =) (love you hun if you're reading).