Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Outta Commission

Sadly, I don't think I'll be getting in very many workouts this week. Work is getting in the way. I have night meetings most of the week and work receptions in the evenings as well. Last night I didn't get home until after 11:00pm and I had a work event at 7:00am (my normal schedule is bed by 9:30pm and up at 5am for the gym, work by 8am). Given my hectic schedule this week, I'm hoping to get in at least one run and one weights session. Over the weekend I'm going backpacking (so that will be at least some form of exercise). I'll be back on track next week (part of it...until I leave for Hawaii). Before I leave for Hawaii I'll post my Hawaii plan so you all can keep me accountable =).

In other news, I got a very exciting email from my best friend (since we were 8). She is going to run the Rock n Roll AZ marathon too!!!!!! Yay. For now, we'll have to be virtual training partners since she lives in CA and I live in Portland, OR. Also...Runner's Rambles you might be interested in this...she will likely be doing the Healdsburg Half too! (We both still need to sign up.)

Well, back to work, work, work. Though I can't complain too much, I love my job. Happy Tuesday everyone! (H.T.C. hope the "weights class from hell was hellish this morning. =))