Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm back in the game...

I did it! I got my a** out of bed this morning and made it to the gym. For me, the first day back is always the hardest. However, thanks to my motivation (i.e. my new running skirt) it wasn’t so bad. I did 3.5 miles (nothing too far) in about 35:10 (under the time on my half marathon plan but nothing too speedy). I’ve had a few comments about the running skirt…did I like it? What brand is it? Etc…

The verdict…
Comfort : 10+
Style: 10
Naked factor: 6 (I’ll explain this a little later.)
Chafing: 10 (i.e. none)
Overall runner-friendliness: 10++

As you can tell from the ratings, I really liked my new running skirt. My only minor complaint is the naked factor. When I read the RW article one complaint of the dissenting opinion was that she felt naked. While the skirt was just as long or longer than my beloved Nike Tempo shorts I did feel a bit naked, especially in the boo-tay area. I attribute this to: 1) the material is so light you don’t feel like you’re wearing anything (which is a good thing while running) and 2) With shorts there is no fear of boo-tay exposure, with the skirt, despite it totally covering the same area (and having built in spankies underneath) there is still the fear of the Marilyn Monroe breeze. All in all the naked factor was outweighed by all the other features! In fact, I tested the pockets too. Even though I didn’t need to put my Ipod in the pocket (since I was on the treadmill) I put the Ipod on one side and stuffed a Luna bar in the pocket (even though I had no intentions of eating it while running). Both items stayed in place and were almost undetectable. My Nike Tempo’s have one tiny pocket for a key (or my nano) but won’t be large enough when I get the Iphone and aren’t large enough for gels. Needless to say, I will be running in my skirt again, if fact, I may be in the market for another! I’m excited to try out the skirt on a long run to see how it holds up…who knows maybe my next marathon will be run in a skirt! (Did you know there is a stiletto marathon? Are those people crazy?)

P.S. It's from (All I have to say is I wish I looked half as good in my skirt as the chicks who own the company.)

P.P.S. For all you bargain hunters, they are having a birthday sale (sort of) you get a free gift with your purchase. A headband with one skirt and a tank top if you buy two. There is also a "clearance" section however the sizes/colors are limited.