Friday, July 11, 2008

Hawaii DAY ONE

Aloooooooha! Well, I am officially in sunny Hawaii AND I even managed to get in a run this morning---GO ME! Yesterday, was a really loooonnnng day...we didn't leave until noon (which left enough time in the morning for a 4.5 miler (yippee)...but the plane ride was about 5 hours, we had a layover in Honolulu and another short (50 min) plane ride to Kauai. After all of that, we finally made it to our destination. There was a little kerfuffle amongst the Dunlap siblings about room choices but once all was said and done it was time to sleep!

One major difference between this Hawaiian experience and all the others I've had is being in a house vs. a big resort. It's kinda fun to be in a residential area (well, vacation home area). It's a totally different vibe (in a good way). So far my only complaint is...the roosters! They started up about 4am...ugh...yes, I know that is 7am West Coast time (so actually sleeping in for me) but I did go to bed at 3:30 am West Coast time. My mother-in-law said I had the quote of the day this morning...J said something about trying to pick off the roosters while out for his run and I said, "you mean you didn't freakin' kill them all!" Apparently, J's mom heard that and named it the quote of the day. Seriously though, I am on vacation and would like to sleep in at least once on the trip.

Stay tuned for more Hawaiian adventures! Hopefully J brought the camera cord so I can post pics too.

Thursday: 4.5 miles
5 min @11:00
Pryamid Fartleks:
2 min at 10:45, 2 min recovery at 10:54
2 min at 10:00, 2 min recovery at 10:54
2 min at 9:40, 2 min recovery at 10:54
(repeat once)
2 .10 walk breaks for H20/sweat wiping

Friday: 2.25 miles easy (11:18 min/mile)
+ 2 mile walk to starbucks! mmmmm...mmmmmmm