Friday, July 25, 2008

Girl's Weekend

I'm heading to San Francisco today for a girls weekend! Wooo-hoo! Sadly this means no running this weekend...this on top of no workouts this week has made me feel less than happy with myself. I'm not sure I have gone a whole week without exercise in a LONG time. To make matters worse I stepped onto the scale this morning...EEEEEKKK...and...found out that Hawaii made me gain 3 lbs...this added to the weight I've gained since the taper part of the marathon makes me up 7 lbs since the winter---UGH! Starting Monday, I'm kicking it back into high gear but I'm going to need all the motivation I can get.

Anyone have any good hints on cutting back on "bad" calories? (i.e. mindless snacking and oversized portions) Marcy and TFAH, how do you stay motivated to write in a food journal? I think that might help me but I can't keep one going.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! As HTC would say, back to lots of sweat fests come Monday.
(The mangoes may look harmless BUT they're like 160 calories for six pieces...I've been known to eat half a bag in a couple of days.)