Thursday, July 17, 2008

A few pics from Kauai

I found the camera plug! Here are a few pics of the first part of our trip for your drooling...ooops I meant, viewing pleasure. (Side note: Haven't gotten in any runs this week BUT I did two hikes (one pretty tough 8 miler) and a kayak trip)...also got in one beach yoga in a 4 miler this was pretty windy so the way out was rough but the way back was great, I maintained a 9:45 pace (that's fast for me.))

View from the top of Nounou Mountain (aka Sleeping Giant) The fab foursome near the top of the Sleeping Giant. J's sister and Mom went with us for the hike. I hope I'm in as good of shape as J's mom when I'm her age.
Waimea Canyon (I was expecting it to be more was like the Grand Canyon, deserty.)
The beautiful Na Pali Coast. Only accessible by plane, boat or hiking. (This is the view from the lookout from Waimea canyon, we drove this part.)

Na Pali Coast from our hike...definitely worth the long, hot, muddy 8-mile roundtrip trek. (2 miles to Hanakepe Beach and 2 miles to the Hanakepe Waterfall.)
Just getting started on the hike...we still look pretty good =).Along the hike.

This sign was right before the beach.

The beach! 2 miles to the Falls.

The Waterfall, we made it! Looks like I brought some of the trail with me on my legs...poor Mizuno's!

There were tons of mango and guava trees along the hike...we were pretty hungry on the way back so we stopped for a some snacks.

Onto the next adventure, the kayak trip on the Wailua River. (A few minutes after this pic was taken it started POURING rain like nobody's business! Good thing we were kayaking and already wet.)

The good thing about kayaking early is you can hike to the "Secret Falls" before everyone else shows longer so secret.

Down the left fork of the Wailua River (opposite from the Falls) there was a swimming hole and rope swing. Here is J being Tarzan!

A pic were we actually look more normal (other than the cheesy grins.)