Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 1, Healdsburg Half Training Plan

My 4th was good...I missed the internet, pretty sad how addicted I am. Why doesn't the Iphone work in the wilderness??!! (I don't have one yet, but J does, I'll have one July 23rd-ish...happy birthday to me!) Backpacking was a bit more work than I imagined but all in all a pretty good time (except for the campfire fine we got...stupid forest ranger...we were a quarter mile from the lake we swear =)). I got in a couple of good hikes during the weekend and managed to come out with only a few minor scratches and bruises...mostly just mosquito bites--YUCK!

Today was day one of my Healdsburg Half training plan. My goal with this plan is to increase my speed! I've combined a SmartCoach plan from RW and the Hal Higdon intermediate half plan...the result is the perfect (hopefully) plan for me! I have only 3 runs a week scheduled, one extra as a potential run day (not to exceed 4 miles). My marathon plan had 4 running days and while I enjoy my running days I started to miss cross training. With my combined plan I have 3 running days, 2 crazy weights days, 1 yoga day and one optional workout day. The optional day turns to a rest day when the mileage creeps up (though I sorta consider Yoga a rest day). (Side note: HTC, have you ever tried Bikram? I did it once in Boston. I found a place in St. John's if you want to try it sometime...I hate going to those things for the first time alone, I'm a wuss.) Since today was day 1 of my new plan, I will obviously be running in Hawaii (hopefully). Here is how Hawaii is going to look:

Thursday, July 10th: Travel Day (aka sit on your butt, swished on a plane with no food for 6 hours!)
Friday, July 11th: Walk/hike/surf (in other words XT)
Saturday, July 12th: Yoga (nothing better than yoga on the beach...ahhh sooooo relaxing)
Sunday, July 13th: 2 mi @ 11:20 (or better)---that should be a piece of cake!
Monday, July 14th: 2 mi (same as above)
Tuesday, July 15th: (Sadly not crazy weights)...tension bands, I bought those exercise bands and have a few workouts to try
Wednesday, Juy 16th: 2 mi @ 11:20 (or better)---again CAKE!
Thursday, July 17th: XT (maybe some more beach yoga)
Friday, July 18th: Easy run (ER) not to exceed 4 mi
Saturday, July 19th: Yoga
Sunday, Juy 20th: 3 mi @ 11:20 (or better)----CAKE!
Monday, July 21st: 2 mi @ 11:20 (or better)---CAKE!
Tuesday, July 22nd: Travel Day (another 6 hours swished on a plane)

Who thinks my plan is ambitious?...well, that is the title of this blog isn't it!?! That's me ambitious Alisa! Stay tuned for progress...

Tomorrow, crazy weights...Wednesday, 2 miler...Thursday soft, sandy beach here I come!