Thursday, July 3, 2008

Blond moment or not, that is the question??!!

First off, I'm calling myself Fatty today...yes, Fatty, you read that correctly. Haven't been to the gym/worked out since Sunday...pretty bad! This is especially bad considering J and I will be signing up for the Healdsburg Half and the Spokane 5-miler tonight! (Work will NOT get in the way next week...well maybe it will but hopefully not as much.)

I was going to sign J and I up for Healdsburg this afternoon during a work break..I rarely get these even though they are mandated by law...but I went to sign up and I got confused. You're thinking she's having a blond moment, I mean how confusing can signing up for a race be? But look at these two links:

Did they do this on purpose as to allow for a Goofy Challenge, west-coast style? (Goofy Challenge is running Walt Disney 1/2 marathon on Saturday and Full Disney Marathon on Sunday. i.e. What crazy people like Maddy and MarathonChris do!)

These two races are on the same weekend aren't they? Am I having a blond moment? RunnerRambles, please help...I think you're signed up already.